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Harvard Referencing,Plagerism & Refworks

No description

Prtk Srstha

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of Harvard Referencing,Plagerism & Refworks

Harvard Referencing,Plagiarism & Refworks
Harvard Referencing
Also known as Parenthetical or author-date system of referencing
"It's nothing more sinister than a way of citing references-by author and year usually in parentheses in the text of scientific articles" says Eli Chernin(1988 p.1063)
Orginally used by a Harvard zoology professor Edward Laurens Mark, possibly first evidenced in a landmark paper he published in 1881.
There are mainly two parts to the Harvard system of referrencing
Embeded/In-text Referencing
Eg. Anderson(2001, p. 91)
Reference list/ Bibliography
Eg. Anderson, A & Ellis, A 2001, ‘Using Desktop Video to Enhance Music Instruction’, Australian
Journal of Educational Technology, vol. 17, no. 3, pp. 279–294

To know when Citing..
A specific format or order:
the author’s surname (family name)
the year of publication (latest edition)
page numbers when directly quoting or closely paraphrasing an author’s words/material
correct punctuation and spacing.

Position of in-text reference:
at the very end
or at the very beginning of the sentence or quote
Rules & Format
Quoting or paraphrasing?
Source: (UOW, 2007)
Why should we refrerence?
Acknowledges the work of other writers and researchers
Demonstrates the body of knowledge on which your work is based on
Enables other reasearchers to verify the source and follow up
And most importantly........
Prevents the accusation of PLAGERISM!!
Plagiarism is basically presenting someone else's work as your own.
Prevention and Consequences of Plagiarizing
Planning ahead
Consult instructor and take notes
Cite resources
Make it clear who said what
Learn how to paraphrase properly
(Source: plagiarism,org)
There are two reasons to why plagiarism is taken so seriously in the academic feild:
Authors and artists deserve the credit for the hard work they do to create the orginal work
Teachers want to know that the students make an effort to understand their research

Getting Expelled
Destruction of work and doing it again
Being Sued by the author
Losing cost of tuition
Losing traffic generated by search engines
How to avoid Plagiarism?

(Source: plagiarism,org)

Refworks was founded in 2001 and was marketed by Cambridge Scientific Abstracts. In the modern era there are more data sources available than ever which means researches need highly efficient ways to manage a vast amount of information easily. Refworks is a powerful online research management,writing and collaboration tool designed to help researches at all levels easily gather,organize, store and share all types of information and to instantly generate citations and bibliographies.
Getting Started
How to add Reference to Refworks using Direct Export:
Harvard referencing is the most common and popular referencing method used, Helps to prevent Plagiarism.
Plagiarism is equal to cheating and students are penalized if found doing so.
Refworks is a very helpfull online tools to all academic writers and mostly students which help prevent plagiarism and improve their referencing skills
After giving some results you can directly export reference to the Refworks. First select the one or two results than select the export/save than select to Refworks then it will appear like Export to: Refworks then continue.
After that we can see our last imported folder by clicking on the magnifying lens given on right side.

Disadvantages of Refworks:
o There is no backup facility for users. If the server crashes down, there will be higher chances to lose users data.
o Limit search facility, it requires the searched keywords to be exact.
o Need account to use, unlike Harvard, any users can enter the reference straight in the results come out very quickly.

Creating bibliography Instantly in Refworks:
Refworks makes bibliography simple and fast .Click on the Create bibliography on the top of the screen then we have to select on the list of output styles you want to use then choose on file types you want to create then click on reference to include then finally click the bibliography button.
Advantages of Refworks
o It is fully web-based. This means that you can access Refworks from home or any other place with an Internet connection.
o Refworks allows you to share data and groups can even work simultaneously sharing the same account.
o It is user-friendly: from a large number of databases you can easily transfer data to Refworks using 'Direct Export'.
o By Refworks we can create a personal database online-store an
o Unlimited number of records accessible from any computer linked to the Internet no downloading software or installation required.
o By Refworks we can easily Import references automatically from multiple database.
o By Refworks you can share your references with the members of your own institution or globally with other researches or students.
(6)Disadvantages of Refworks:
o There is no backup facility for users. If the server crashes down, there will be higher chances to lose users data.
o Limit search facility, it requires the searched keywords to be exact.
o Need account to use, unlike Harvard, any users can enter the
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