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Keren Perez

on 15 February 2017

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Transcript of https://www.caring.com/articles/eight-things-hair-says-about

Importance of Nails and Skin
Hair: When cold, or scared it is pulled taught to keep us warm or to protect us

Nails: Protect the sensitive tips of our fingers and toes
Provide support for the tips of finger and toes
what your hair says about you
reading the signs
1) very pale nails mean liver problems
2) yellow nails mean fungal infection
3)bluish tint means not enough oxygen
4)rippled nails might mean early signs of psoriasis or inflammatory arthritis
5)cracked or split nails mean thyroid disease
Why hair?
cites used
what your nails tell you about your health
Your nails are rarely the first sign of a disease or infection
Result in the nails may vary so they are a good indicatior, but not a definite one
See doctor first to have them examine, before making your own conclusions
Skin Demo
India Clark and Keren Perez
Dry, limp, thin: Underactive Thyroid
Scaly, crusty patches: Psoriasis
differs because of thick scab surface
Speeds up turnover and growth of skin cells
Thinning, Hair loss: Stress, flu/infection, diabetes, medications
Overall Hairloss: Alopecia androgenetic/androgenic
change in hormones
6) puffy nail fold means thee could be a connective tissue disorder
7) dark likes benath nail are caused by melanoma (skin cancer)
8)gnawed anils mean anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder
9)White: Liver problems
Fingers Juandiced
Dry, Brittle, patchy: Chemical damage
Cushing Syndrome: adrenal glands excess cortisole
Hypoparathyroidism: hereditary/injury to parathyroid
Dec. Calcium, Inc. Phosphorus
Hair falling out in circle patches: immune system shrinks follicles
Alopecia Areata
Flaky Scalp/Dry hair:
Seborrheic Dermatitis: inflammed scalp
Fungal infection: irritation
Yeast overgrowth
Gray Hair: Stress
free radicals

Hair is a good indicator to different diseases because it is everywhere on your body and it is very noticable when there is a change
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