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No description

Daniel Rodriguez

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Wordpress

Wordpress has a sections that lets the user know when there is an update available.
Thanking Volunteers & Members
Success Stories
A Website for the Kiwanis Club of Coral Gables
Raising Funds
About Wordpress
Wordpress is software/script that can be downloaded and installed on to a hosting service. (www.WordPress.org)

Wordpress started as a blogging system in 2003 but has evolved to be a useful website building platform due to all of the available plugins and widgets.

It is a foundation on which you can build any website on.
Wordpress: Installation
Wordpress can be a little difficult to install if you don't have prior experience.

Godaddy has made this simple by installing it for you.

Just click install and follow the steps.

*Godaddy hosting $4.99 a month.

Wordpress: Plugins
Plugins can help a Wordpress site do almost anything.

There are currently 28,308 plugins and counting.

Some great plugins for Kiwanis Club
Donation Plugins
Multilingual Plugins
Wordpress Seo

Wordpress: Reliability
Wordpress has been one of the most reliable platforms on which to build a website.

Developers are constantly
improving the script.
Current Projects
Selling Tickets
Attracting New Members
Integrating Social Media

Social media allows businesses to gain exposure, market their products, and engage their market base.

89% of businesses gained roughly a 92% increase in exposure with as little as 6 or more hours per week, and 75% gained an increase in traffic.

Loyalty among KCCGs members is thin, however research indicates that 62% of businesses with 3 or more years of experience with social media gained new partnerships and 63% gained a loyal fan base.
Layout and Design
WordPress: Easy to Edit Content
By going to www.yoursite.com/wp-admin

Log in with your username/password

Wordpress: Updates

Facebook is the best social media site for businesses to date; it's virtually free and easy to use. You can set up a calendar of events, add basic information to a page as well as visual media, engage your consumers, get feedback, provide support, offer deals and even integrate applications.

Twitter basically markets your business for you through the use of hashtags. It's only shortcoming is that it doesn't have much visual integration, however Instagram, owned by Facebook, does, and uses the same hashtag feature.
Types of Social Media
Marlon Rowe
Robert Rico
Daniel Rodriguez
Darien Morrison
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