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Portage Parks, Trails and Preserves

Take a tour of your county parks. Click the arrows at the bottom of the screen to go forward and back.

christine craycroft

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Portage Parks, Trails and Preserves

Portage Parks, Trails and Preserves
and opportunities
Towner's Woods
238 acres of woods, wetlands old fields
6 shelters/picnic pavilions
Restrooms, fountain, kiosk, sledding hills, hiking trails, x-c skiing
Adjacent to The PORTAGE Hike and Bike Trail
Brady Switch Tower

30 acres adjacent to City of Akron land
Owned by Portage County already
“Lake Rockwell Park?”
Potential to connect Mogador Reservoir and the Buckeye Trail to Kent-Cooperrider Bog, Plum Creek Park, the Cuyahoga River and The PORTAGE Hike and Bike Trail

Area of rapid development; potential trail corridor right of way could be lost soon
“Suffield-Brimfield-Kent Trail”
151 acres of woods, old field wetlands
Adjacent to KSU’s Jennings Woods
Mahoning River runs through it
Shaw Woods - future donation
58 acres of high quality bog, lake and woods
Home to 8 rare or endangered species
Franklin Bog
504 acres of woods, high quality wetlands
25 car parking lot on SR 44; 10 car lot on Nicodemus
Important water quality protection area
Home to rare and endangered species
Morgan Preserve
80 acres of woods, wetlands, old fields
Across from the Palmyra Township park
Walter Preserve
66 acres of woods, wetlands, old fields
Garage recently painted and re-roofed
Access to Breakneck Creek
Breakneck Creek Preserve
95 acres of woods, wetlands, old fields
Aurora Branch of the Chagrin River runs through property
Adjacent to potential Headwaters Trail corridor
Adjacent to City of Aurora parkland and Audubon Preserve
Chagrin Headwaters Preserve
23 acres of sphagnum peat bog
Access from residential cul-de-sac
Potential for nearby conservation
Natural resource management
Gray Birch Bog
Park District managed sections: 5.6 mi.
Both asphalt and limestone sections
The PORTAGE Hike and Bike Trail
48 acres of woods, wetlands, ponds
Small parking area, hiking trails, kiosk
Fishing allowed
Seneca Ponds
Towner's Woods
238 acres of woods, wetlands old fields
6 shelters/picnic pavilions
Restrooms, fountain, kiosk, sledding hills, hiking trails
Brady Switch Tower
Cuyahoga River Water Trail: Red Fox
2.2 mile hike and bike trail at Berlin Lake
Parking and information kiosks at each end
Limestone paved
450 bridge over Berlin Lake
Berlin Lake Trail
Park District managed section: 6.5 miles
Parking at Mantua Village, SR 700, Garrettsville
Limestone surface
Headwaters Trail
10 acres of woods and residential lot
Adjacent to the Portage County Gardener’s Center
Adjacent to Crystal Lake owned by The Nature Conservancy and Ravenna
103 acres of woods, wetlands, farm fields
Restroom, kiosk, hiking trails
Dix Park
58 acres of woods, wetlands
8-acre lake, shared with neighbors
Picnic pavilions and campfire area
Sheds, electric, boat dock
Camp Spelman
Franklin Township
Franklin Township
Palmyra Township
Ravenna Township
Garrettsville to Mantua
Dix Preserve
Rootstown Township
Mantua Township
Shalersville Township
Deerfield Township
Ravenna Township
Shalersville Township
Ravenna Township
Brimfield Township
Suffield to Brimfield Townships
Dog Park?
Mountain Biking?
Disc Golf?
Potential special use park
Franklin and Ravenna Townships
14 miles of hike and bike trail
Your County Park System:
835 acres closed
445 acres open
New public access site
Takeout 6 miles down from Mantua
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