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Is ignorance Bliss?

Myaccess Argumentative Six-Paragraph Essay Assignment

Susie Myers

on 28 December 2013

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Transcript of Is ignorance Bliss?

Ms. Myers Argumentative Essay Idea Builder
End of Term One Writing Assignment for MyAccess.com

To Know or Not To Know?
Childhood Vs. Adulthood
America's Fast Food Addiction
Environmental Issues
Ford's attempt to gain public trust again prior to the Watergate Scandal
Releases info on the CIA, was this ethical?
If we're kept safe, does it matter how?
We should want to trust our government
Secrets of the JFK assassination
"When you're an adult, ignorance-is-bliss today means you have an STD tomorrow."
Kids should be kept ignorant
Not mature enough to handle certain issues (financial)
"Need to know basis"
Pessimism vs. optimism
The dark realities of adult life
Protect kids from information that can be too much to bear
"Where do baby's come from?"
Santa Claus- innocence of childhood
The business stimulates the economy
Meal presentation
What's really in fast food?
If people knew they might make healthier choices
Food Inc.
Are you still satisfied with that hamburger?
Natural VS. Human science
Fossil Fuels=Global Warming
Deforestation and Habitat Destruction
We get the resources we need, but at what costs...?
Exposing it the people of the world
Need government action
What is Our Government Up To?
Is Ignorance Bliss or Is Knowledge Power?
Perception of Life
The pursuit of truth should not be ruled by emotions
Personal Experience
Summer blockbuster "Jaws"
People were too afraid to go in the water
Be aware of what is out there
Remain happy, and be lied to?
Or accept the truth
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