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Unit 8 Lecture 3

No description

Wade Long

on 7 May 2018

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Transcript of Unit 8 Lecture 3

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates
The Candidates
1858 - Illinois Senate election
Democrat - Stephen Douglas
Moderate stance on slavery
Republican - Abraham Lincoln
Believed in justice
Did not believe in social equality between races
The Debates
7 Debates over a few months
Some of the most famous speeches in US History
Part of American folklore
2 of the biggest names in the 1800s
Major topic was legality of slavery in free territories
The whole country watched
Heated discussions between the two
Lincoln made a national name for himself
Lincoln lost
Helped him win the presidency in 1860
Douglas retained the Senate seat
Lincoln became a national figure
People cared what he had to say
Republicans ran him for president in 1860
Sectionalism increased
Southern Democrats disliked Douglas
Northern Dems sided with him
Southerners paranoid of Republicans more
Main issue was expansion of slavery
Douglas argued for popular sovereignty
Lincoln argued for free soil platform
Morality of slavery
Lincoln called slavery immoral and wrong
Douglas ignored the moral issue
White equality with freed slaves
Both candidates opposed social equality
Douglas claimed that Lincoln supported it
Douglas' comments fueled Southern paranoia
Discussion Questions
The following questions will be answered in class tomorrow using the documents in VoF. Look at them and think about them to get ready for tomorrow's classwork.
Why was this debate so important?
Where can you see Lincoln's stance on the morality of slavery?
How does Lincoln feel like we should deal with the moral issue?
Where do you see Lincoln's views on social equality?
What does Douglas say that contradicts Lincoln's position?
How did Douglas' comments change the political situation in the US?
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