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The Treaty of Versailles

No description

Christine Cheng

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of The Treaty of Versailles

Introduction to the Treaty
With the Video
Please answer the following questions based on the video.
Main Treaty Terms
Germany was:
deprived of 6 million people and 13% of its territory
permitted only a severely restricted defence force
denied its overseas colonies and investments
required to take full responsibility for the outbreak of War
forced to accept occupation and Allied control of trade and shipping
Empathy Task:
Given that the Treaty terms were unfair and what might have arguably lead to WW2, write a letter to the Peace Conference in France asking them to reconsider and offer alternative terms
Between the Wars
Some context:
The horror and destruction of the Great War finally came to an end at the eleventh hour of the eleventh Day of the eleventh Month in 1918.
Over eight million soliders had been killed and the terms of the
was signed
The Treaty of Versailles
1.Was the Treaty positive or negative?

2.Where was the Treaty signed?

3.Who were the 'Big Three' that dictated the terms of the Treaty?

4.Explain the main policy terms of the Treaty as mentioned in the video

5.Evaluate the repercussions of the Treaty terms being so negative. Had the Treaty been positive, explain and assess whether or not WW2 would have still occurred.
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