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Jeanne Daman

No description

makenzie cerdena

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Jeanne Daman

The Rescue
She Continues...
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After helping all those children at the now closed Jewish school, Fela Perelman called on her to help even more children. More children everyday were becoming orphans because of the cruelty of the Nazis. Jeanne agreed and continued to help, except this time she started to help adults too.
Date of birth: Unknown
Nationality: Belgian
Occupation: Teacher
Religion: Catholic
Position in the Holocaust: Rescuer
Her Motivation
While the children were at school, parents were taken away to go to concentration camps. This left many children as instant orphans. Mothers who grew worried about their children being all alone ( Or worse, being taken to concentration camps) came to the school for help. The school was to be closed down soon by officials and the children taken away to concentration camps. Jeanne Daman was able to save the children and bring them to a safe haven.
How It started
Jewish children were no longer allowed to attend school with non-jewish students, so the Jewish community started setting up their own Kindergartens. The leading lady of this project, Fela Perelman, needed a trained and qualified staff. With a recomendation from the Director-general of Educaional services in Brussels, Perelman hired Jeanne Daman.
Lives In
Brussels, Belgium
Ways Jeanne helped Jews
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By Makenzie Cerdena P.1
Ever since Jeanne was young she had a strong sense of right and wrong. After seeing the harsh acts of injustice against Jewish men, woman, and children with her own eyes, she agreed to help them.
Jeanne Daman
Walked children to their hiding places
Collected children at tram stops
Developed a network of Jewish women where they would be placed as maids in Belgian households with fake IDs
Sent information to the secret Jewish maids about their children
She was an intelligence agent
Transported weapons on her bike
After the war, she brought children back to their families
She also helped children recover after surviving the concentration camps

Personal facts
The most surprising thing about Daman to me, is how dedicated and how involved she got.
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