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Thinking Outside the Screen

EURECA Conference, February 2015

Anastasia Salter

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Thinking Outside the Screen

(image CC by 2.0 Beatrice Murch: http://www.flickr.com/photos/blmurch/144435176/
Thinking Outside the Screen
Anastasia Salter
University of Central Florida
Twitter: @anasalter
Creativity in a Digital World

Scott McCloud countered that as of February 2009, authoring environments were still unsuited to this type of form, but the iPhone and its touch-driven successors offered hope for the future: “If implemented with the kind of seamless motion seen in multiple prototypes over the years, we may finally leave the clumsy world of scroll bars behind for good. Traditional scrolling’s tiny buttons and jerky refresh rate have made navigating extended canvases created in HTML distracting and even painful to look at” (The Infinite Canvas).
In reviewing Scott McCloud’s theories in a practical guide for webcomic artists in 2009, El Santo noted “The web has evolved differently from what McCloud expected. A scrollable page…is too much information at once in a medium that’s drowning in it.”
"Prezi may be part of a general trend towards continuous-space navigation in communication and the arts. If that’s the case, I hope comics will be a part of that trend." (Scott McCloud)
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