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Poems Webquest

webquest regarding poetry and the different types of poems.

Will Valentin

on 9 May 2010

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Transcript of Poems Webquest

INTRODUCTION Many people view poetry as a form of writing that prioritizes on esthetic appearance.
Poetry isnt created to simply seem like pretty words or phrases that rhyme.
Poetry is a way in which humans denote and express certain emotions.
It enables us to show a very humanistic and sensitive side of our lives.
The purpose of this webquest is to guide you in the discovery of the different types of poems and ways you can create such. TASK Your task will consist on investigating what are some of the different types of poems in order to be able to create or write your own poems. You must follow the rules and instructions that each type of poem requires.


Investigate which are some of the different types of poems with the links that will be provided further on.

Select at least three of these types of poems and learn about the different rules and patterns that these involve.

After choosing the different types you want to learn about choose a theme or topic of interest.

Once have selected a topic of interest you will pass on to create or write 3 poems of your own, each of a different type and applying the rules you have already learned about.
PROCESS Here are some links that may guide you to complete your task:


In this webpage you will find information about different types of poems regarding their origin, rules and functions. There is also some examples of such poems.

This webpage will provide a description and good example of what is a concrete poem.

On this page you will have the opportunity to see several examples of acrostic poems. http://www.ehow.com/how_2286174_write-alphabet-poem.html

In this page you will be able to see instructions on how to write an alphabet poem. http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-free-verse.htm

Here you will find information on what is a free verse type of poem.

This page will supply a description on how to write a limerick poem and explain what it consists of. TYPES OF POEMS By: William Valentin Cruz
Barrio Piletas Middle School
8th grade
English Evaluation Conclusion In order to use this webquest task succesfully your students should have some knowledge regarding the different types of poems and the rules that these have. For more information contact: williamvalentinupr@gmail.com You may use this presentation i created as a reference guide:
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