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The Watsons Go To Birmingham - 1963

No description

Holly Stilwell

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of The Watsons Go To Birmingham - 1963

The Watsons Go To Birmingham - 1963 By: Christopher Paul Curtis Characters + Traits Kenny: narrator, smart, African American, 10 years old
Byron: African American, Kenny's older brother, 13 years old, mean, snotty, bossy, thinks he's "cool"
Joey: Joetta is her real name, Kenny's younger sister, sweet, kind, African American, about 5 years old
Daniel: Funny, Goofy, Kind-but can give punishments when needed, African American, Kenny's dad
Wilona: Kenny's mom, African American, hard working, forceful
Grandma Sands: from Birmingham, Alabama, nice, African American, Kenny's grandma Settings Here are some of the most important settings of the book... Flint, Michagan
Birmingham, Alabama
The Watson family's house
The Watson family's car (The charcters call it The Brown Bomber)
Grandma Sands' house
Joey's church Plot What happened in the story... Exposition
You are introduced to the Watson family, which is full of wacky people. Rising Action
During the winter, the Watson kids have to wipe the snow off the car. When Byron, the oldest kid, tries to kiss his reflection in the car mirror, his lips get stuck.
Byron starts to do bad things such as getting food from Mitchel's on his parents spending plan,killing birds, beating people up, etc.
Byron wont stop playing with fire
Wilona tried to burn his fingers, but Joey kept blowing the matches out
Byron's antics continue to worsen to the point where Daniel and Wilona consider driving Byron to Birmingham, Alabama, to live with Grandma Sands for the summer.
The Watson Family travels to Birmingham to drop off Byron.
While in Birmingham, the children have some adventures.
The kids are told about Collier's Landing, where people have died before.
Kenny tries to swim in the water of Collier's Landing and almost drowns. Byron saves his life. Conflict The main conflict of the story was when... Joey's church was bombed. Resolution The Resolution of the story was when... The Watsons found out Joey survived & when Byron has a conversation about life with Kenny Climax
Two white men drop a bomb on Joey's church Falling Action
The Watsons find out Joey survived
Kenny starts hiding out behind the couch Resolution
Byron has a talk with Kenny about life, which makes him feel better. Theme A lesson you could learn from this story is... Life isn't always fair.
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