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Modern Day Renaissance Woman: Emma Watson

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Jessica K

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of Modern Day Renaissance Woman: Emma Watson

A Modern Renaissance

Jessica Kumaran
October 15, 2015
Emma Watson
She'll always be best known as Hermione Granger from the ever so famous novel and film series, Harry Potter, but she is also best known today as an equal rights activist and a UN Women goodwill ambassador. After the tremendous fame from her acting days, Emma attended Brown University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in English Literature. She also then launched a UN Women campaign called HeForShe to support gender equality.
Characteristics of the Renaissance
A Renaissance woman can present a lot of characteristics, many being very powerful in this case. The most predominant characteristics would be the following:

• intelligent
• political
• powerful
• spiritual
• courageous
• well-educated
• influential
One of the main characteristics the people in power in the Renaissance had was being very well educated. Education helped with knowledge and morals and rules that were followed. Emma Watson attended Brown University for four long years and then graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English Literature. After gaining well knowledge, Watson was crowned the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador for her views and conversation about gender equality. She also launched the HeForShe campaign which supports the equality and fairness of genders. Emma is truly passionate in what she does and what she wants to fight for because she has a lot to say. The feminist invited men along to her conversations about gender equality because it's not only women's issue, it is also theirs. At the HeForShe Campaign event at the UN last year in 2014, Watson gave an incredible speech which was life changing and opened many people's eyes.
Emma Watson
Emma Watson is an example of an influential person because she takes everyday and real life situations to matter. She's done many missions around the world in third world developing countries, she's spoke out about feminism and the equality of genders, she's a humanitarian and an activist.

The video shown above was of Emma Watson giving a speech at the HeForShe Campaign in 2014 at the UN talking about the equality of gender. She talks about how women these days don't have the same rights as men; how they aren't equivalently paid like their male co workers, how they were always more limited at school then men, and the list could go on.

They say that words speak louder than actions and that words influence much more, well it's true. Even though gender equality is still a problem in many different countries today, Emma has made a start and influenced many around the world with just her words, just her speech and just her knowledge.
In an interview for a film that Emma Watson appeared in called Noah, back in 2014, she revealed that she was not very religious, but more spiritual. She explained that she believed more in a higher power than race, culture, nationality which are considered more far reaching. She believes that religion doesn't matter to her as much and what should matter is that we all belong and have been brought onto this world that we live on.
From my research, I do believe that this young women is not religious because from what she's done and what she's taken to matters that are important to her, does not involve with religion whatsoever. Watson has also said that she thinks she is more of a universalist because humankind will be saved in way or form.
The Impact
From the wide amount of research I've done of Emma Watson, I believe that she has impacted many across the world and this era. In this world today, one of the many problems there are is gender equality and how women are treated unequally to men. Even if you don't see this happening, just know that somewhere else on this planet, it is definitely happening and a major issue. Emma strives for gender equality and in my opinion, I think she has affected me as well, especially due to the amount of research I have encountered with her issue and message on this subject. Besides me, I know for a fact that tonnes of people across the globe have been impacted by Emma and have taken a stand. "
The HeForShe conference was watched over 11 million times, sparking 1.2 billion social media conversations... Everything from marathons being run, merchandise being created, 15 year old boys writing to national newspapers, young girls collecting hundreds of signatures, it's all happened in the last four months
" says Emma Watson at the World Economic Forum. As you can tell, this campaign and the impact of it has spread uncontrollably, but in the best way as possible.
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She's an actress, an activist, a humanitarian, a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, a feminist and influential young women to many around the world today. She is Emma Watson, a well educated, influential and spiritual young woman. Back in the Renaissance period, Emma would've been at the top and ruling a country with her messages and concerns on the world. She is a Renaissance woman.
Emma Watson
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