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Culture in East Asia

No description

Danielle Redman

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Culture in East Asia

East Asia: Culture Language Religion and Philosophy Education and Health Leisure Arts - Most common language: Han Chinese
- Most common dialect: Mandarin
- Ideograms: pictures or symbols that stand for ideas
--> Example: the ideogram for "man" next to the ideogram for "word" means "sincerity" or standing by your word.
- Chinese has thousands of ideograms

- Japan and Korea have their own languages
- Common religions and philosophical beliefs: Confucianism, Buddhism,
- Many Japanese practice more than one religion/philosophical belief.
- Communist governments (China) discourage all religion
- Buddhists are persecuted for being, well, Buddhist in Tibet
- The Dalai Lama is in exile in India - Haiku: Japanese poetry
- Kabuki theatre (Japanese)
- Many East Asian countries practice caligraphy,
or the art of beautiful writing - East Asian countries have high literacy rates
- Many families spend a lot of money for their children
to get the best education
- Average life expectancy is 74 and 70, for women and men
- People practice a combination of western and traditional
medicenes, such as accupuncture. - Food: East Asians perfer staple foods, like rice
- Many East Asians are also vegetarian
- Sports: tae kwon do, karate = traditional
- East Asians also enjoy western sports like baseball, soccer and volleyball
- Celebrations: celebrate the end of a year, season, or national holiday, or religious holiday
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