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PLUS Workshop

No description

Leif Kehrwald

on 22 March 2016

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Transcript of PLUS Workshop

Vibrant Faith @ Home PLUS
Research is Clear & Consistent
about what families
to do . . .
Key Activities Make a Difference
Vibrant Faith @ Home
Parents have primary influence
Families grow in faith when they . . .
Built around what families
to do.
Home is church too.
"We'll get what we are."
TALK with each other about their faith.
What must be true?
Church leaders love this!
Guiding Principles
Leif Kehrwald,
PRAY together in ways that are comfortable & comforting.
RITUALIZE their important moments
REACH OUT in service and support of others.
SHARE BIBLE STORY to connect with family stories.
LEARN ABOUT FAITH together in interesting & fun ways.
Guiding Principles
Ordinary family and household living is inherently holy and sacramental.
Family relationships can be strengthened and/or healed when families engage in faith practices . . . and vice versa.
Knowing God and Jesus carries more weight than know about God and Jesus, though each feeds the other.
Digital media and web technologies have tremendous potential to engage people in lifelong faith growth 24/7/365.
What must be true . . .
Compelling Content for all ages
"Hand-holding" for the timid and reluctant
Connections to real life
Personal & Customizable
Analytics Don't Lie
If analytics tell us
what they are
to do, then . . .
Where the two overlap
) is golden!
What are Families
to Do?
If the research tells us
what families
to do, and . . .
Some Numbers
60+ faith-forming activities published each season. 540+ total.
Six Categories
Four audience groups: Adult/Couple, Young Adult, Young Family, Teen Family
Free site, no longer need to register to get activities
3000+ registered users (5000+ mobile app users)
300+ visits per day
First 3 months . . . Last 3 months
Use by Category
Use by Audience
Peak Moments
of activities families are
to do:

1. KISS . . . Keep it Simple & Short
Activity must be easily understood, and should last not more than 10 minutes (with developmental flexibility).
3. If They Build It . . . They'll Use It
Activity has a creative component that is developmentally appropriate and not too complicated.
2. Give It Legs
Activity can be designed to do a short bit everyday for a week, a month, or a season.
4. Season / Event Connected
Activity harnesses existing energy and enthusiasm for the season or event in the home.
7. Learn Something New
Activity offers religious information that is compelling, honors learning styles, connects to family living, and connects to deeper issues of life, death, deep meaning.
6. Life-stage Connected
Activity responds directly to a felt developmental need.
9. Go Deep
Whether for head, heart, or hands, the activity takes users to a deeper level of growth.
8. Model in Gathered Setting
Activity is more likely to be done at home when modeled in gathered setting.
10. Hits Home
Activity is more than just relevant, it touches heart and soul.
Worksheet is not a deterrent
5. Family Moment Connected
Activity is designed to integrate with key family moments such as mealtime, car time, bedtime, leave-taking, homecoming, etc.
Bible is not a deterrent
Name / Title matters
11. General Factors
Toward Effective Partnership
Paid Subscription Resource for Congregations
Empowering effective partnership with the HOME
Share Your Thoughts & Ideas
Leif Kehrwald
Ministry Resources
12 complete intergenerational sessions
4 “link activities” for Sunday School
4 “link activities” for Youth Ministry
4 “link activities” for Adult Faith Formation
4 “link activities” for Parish Community Building
4 “link activities” for Sunday Worship
Technology Tools
Create Congregational Virtual Groups
Embed Vibrant Faith @ Home onto your website (example)
How-to Videos
And more
Get 20% Discount
Use Coupon Code
Regular Price: $195 first year/ $175 thereafter
Open our minds to know you Lord,
Open our ears to hear your voice.

Open our hearts now to your Word,
Come to us now, O Lord Our God
Tune: Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow
Word: Boy Jesus in the Temple (Luke 2:41-52)

Prayer: "O God Hear Our Prayer"

Home/Parish Partnership
Digital Media & the Home
Vibrant Faith @ Home resources
Analytics Don’t Lie
Presentation at: http://tinyurl.com/PlusWorkshop
1. Negotiating a working relationship with a fast-paced, instant-gratification, media-driven society

2. Finding enough time to get it all done
3. Dealing with change

4. Transitions through lifecycle stages
5 Moments
Exits & Entries
Bed time
Car time
Meal time
Memory-making time
Faith Formation
Using Digital Media to
Connect to Home
Social Media Revolution
First Step Ideas
Draw a pie-chart that reflects
your congregation's efforts
with each of the six categories
Bible Story
Serve Others
Advent Tweet
Sunday Sermon Text
Middle school Virtual Group
VF@Home Online Retreats
Compliment Tag
Work from your core competency
Ministry drives the technology
Get an idea and run with it
Remain anchored in your passion/vision/principles
Learn from your mistakes
Network and commiserate with each other
What's Next?
One immediate step we need to take is . . .
One long-term goal (1 year) we should set is . . .
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