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Physical and Chemical Change Lab

No description

Puttasin Nopenkam

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Physical and Chemical Change Lab

Physical and Chemical Change Lab
Research and Hypothesis Questions
Research Question: When we mix salt, sand ,and water will there be a chemical reaction ?

Hypothesis: If salt, sand, and water are mixed then a physical or chemical change should occur.
Sodium Chloride

The physical state of the sodium chloride is floating around in the water and some of it stayed at the bottom of the beaker. The color and odor of the substance was clear and smelled like salt water. Its solubility was slightly changed in the water but it didn't change into a new substance.
- 150-mL beaker
-salt, sand, and water
-graduated cylinder
During the lab salt, sand, and water was poured in a beaker. Then it was mixed, and poured in a funnel on top of a beaker so it can be filtered out. As the lab was tested there was no chemical change but there was a physical change.
Sand was floating around in the water and in sank in the bottom of the beaker. The water smelled liked beach water but instead of dark color it was clear and easy to see. Sand solubility did not change at all.
Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate
Its physical state sank at the bottom in the water and it was easy to see. It had so smell and its solubility slightly changed.
In the water the sucrose disappeared in the water and you couldn't see any color change but the water. Sucrose had no smell and the solubility changed a lot in the water.
The magnesium sank in the bottom of the water and had no color change in it. This substance had no odor and no solubility in the water.
Filtering mixture
Observation: The water was clear and had no sand or salt in it.
-Physical change.
Heating the Filtrate
Observation: The filter water was gone.
-Chemical Change
Mixing Magnesium with HCI
Observation: Little bubbles came out of the liquid.
-Physical Change
Mixing Sodium hydrogen carbonate and HCI
Observation: The chemical dissolved and wasn't changed into something new.
-Chemical Change
Heating Sucrose
Observation: When the sucrose was heated it smelled like marshmallow and it was bubbling up.
-Chemical Change
In conclusion salt, sand, and water turned out to be physical change and not a chemical change. The liquid did not change into a new substance because a reaction didn't occur.
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