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Nicki Minaj

No description

Diana montes

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj
Awards & Recognition:
Personal Connection:
Nickis History:
She was born in Saint James , Trinidad (Spain)
She's 30 years old .
Her birthdays on December 8th , 1982.
Her name is " Onika Tanya Maraj".
She's 5'2
Shes asighned to " Young Money Cash Money Billionare's " aka YMCMB .
Shes Indian & Afro-Trinadian
Lil wayne discovered her
She lives with her boyfriend in her own apartment named Vine Tower Apartments , California .

Her songs are Hip Hop and R&B .
Some of her music is slow even though its slow shes still rapping.
She has different types of songs but her music has changed since she became famous .

Shes a rapper , singer in is on television .
Shes been active since 2005 .
She played the voice of a character in Ice Age ; that movie came out last year .
She has her own fragrance.
- She gives food every Thanksgiving to the homeless , in New York and also to the people who's homes were destroyed in the Hurricane Sandy.
-Also her and Ciara teamed up for a charitable cause , raising money for a local New Jersy chapter of The Urban League.
_Charities she supports_ :
Get Schooled Foundation ~
Red Cross ~
Save the Music Foundation
-Billboard Rising Star Award(2011)
-America Music Awards
-Bet Hip Hop Awards
-Brit Awards etc.

Awards won : 67 .
Nominatios : 115.

She was nominatated 115 times , she is a good as rapper
singer as you can see.
I like Nicki Minaj because she doesn't care about what people think about her , that is how I am. I also like her because she sings good , she talks about real things unlike them other rappers. She is also 2 inches taller then me lol . But I also like her because she's crazy and dresses how she wants not caring what they think.

My favorite songs of her album "Pink Friday" are ; Super Bass , Right Through Me , Your Love , Tapout and High School ft. Lil Wayne.
I like Tapout because her voice sounds nice & I like the video
She also makes a cute couple with him .
Nicki Minaj <3
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