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benefits of certified EMS

No description

Petra Jankovska

on 17 February 2017

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Transcript of benefits of certified EMS

Introduction of EMS

Main reasons for certified EMS

ISO 14001:2015


Possible risks

Systemic method to help organisations to:

Comply with appropriate legislation

Identify environmental impacts

Improve environmental performance
First published in 1996

Voluntary implementation

Plan - Do - Check - Act concept

Framework that helps company to create an effective environmental management system to reduce negative impacts

Address broader sustainability issues
Benefits of certified EMS
- Internal
- External
BS 8555
Energy reduction
Waste reduction
Employees' morale improvement
Productivity increase
Cost Reduction
Legal compliance
Gaining new customers
Better relationship with regulators and administrative bodies
Company's image improvement
Increase in customers' satisfaction
Environmental improvement
Loosing potential customers
Non-compliance with law and regulations
Poor reputation among stakeholders
Loosing current customers
Certified EMS demonstrates commitment

Proof of continual improvement

ISO 14001 is internationally recognized standard showing the company is ethical and credible organization

Main benefits
Energy & Waste & Cost reductions
Attracting new customers
Main reasons for certified EMS
Identification of risks and opportunities
Adding credibility to company's EMS

Demonstrates commitment & continual improvement

Internal audits are subjective

Clients' requirement
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