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Copy of cloud computing

IEEE seminar

yousra ahmed

on 23 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of cloud computing

cloud computing
What is cloud
How does it
The need of cloud
The concerns and
the risks.
What is cloud computing?
Same Concept as Web 2.0.
The cloud is a metaphor for the Internet.
Cloud computing delivers services.
What’s the Difference between cloud and Traditional Hosting ?!
Cloud Categories:
-Private Cloud.
-community Cloud.
-Public Cloud.
-Hybrid Cloud.

Service models:
•Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
•Platform as a Service (Paas).
•Software as a Service (SaaS).
Why we need cloud computing??
The two main issues or concerns are:
Barriers to Cloud Computing:
Data Security
Application Availability
department of information technology
Faculty of Mathematical science
University of khartoum
*Nafahat Yagoob/11-658
*Marafi Salah/11-649
*Mona Ali /10-655
*Yousra Ahmed /11-662
cloud computing is an approach to the provision of computer services where application run remotely on the "cloud".
* 1960s-1990s:
John Mc Carthy
opined in the 1960 that"computation may someday be organized as
public utility.
-1990, telecommunication companies began offering virtual private network(VPN).
* since 2000:
-amazon played a key role in the development of cloud computing and launched
amazon web service
in 2006.


-private cloud.
-community cloud.
-public cloud.
-hybrid cloud.
cloud categories:
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