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No description

Roxana Moya

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Baby

Soo Yun's Baby Book: A Journey through the Asian American Experience
Soo Yun's First Words
The Municipal Laws
Soo Yun's First Steps
1882 Chinese Exclusion Act
1917 Immigration Act
1924 National Origins Act

Soo Yun's 1st Birthday
Japanese Internment
Model minority
2012: Asian surpass Hispanics in population
2013: Dream Act
Soo Yun's Conception
1850's: First Asian Immigrants, the Chinese, came to the US to work in the gold mines and railroads.
Soo Yun's Birth
1870 Naturalization Act
Soo Yun goes to high school!
1965 Immigration Act
Soo Yun goes to Pre-K
Soo Yun goes to college!
Soo Yun graduates!
Life after graduation
1943 Chinese Exclusion Act repealed
1968 San Francisco State Strike
1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act
Attack on Pearl Harbor/WWII
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