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For Digital rights management

No description

Maria Crowter

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of For Digital rights management

DRM stands for "Digital Rights Management", it refers to a collection of systems used to protect the copyrights of electronic media such as digital music, movies and other data that is stored and transferred digitally.
Why is DRM so important?
Digital Rights Management is important to publishers of electronic media since it helps ensure they will receive the appropriate revenue for their products.
By controlling the trading, protection, monitoring, and tracking of digital media, DRM helps publishers limit illegal downloads.
We are
DRM because:

~Producers/Artists get their fair pay, because otherwise they don't get money from selling the records .

~Taking things with Copyright is illegal and by downloading things without permission, you are breaking the law. With DRM companies can reduce the risk of this occurring.

Who uses DRM?
For example, the Apple iTunes Music Store uses a DRM system to limit the number of computers that songs can be downloaded and played on. Each audio file downloaded from the iTunes music store includes information about the owner of the file and how many times the file has been transferred. The protected files will not play on computers that have not been authorized to play the music.
For Digital rights management
How do they do it?
Companies protect their product using DRM by putting digital watermarks or encryption on the media they distribute.

DRM helps producers make sure that their digital content is only used by those who have paid for it.
All the evidence points towards the fact that you have to control at least some of the content some of the time, or piracy rates get so high that content owners cannot stay in business. In the absence of any DRM, there is every reason to believe that global piracy rates would move towards, say, the 90% plus levels for software piracy.

This is why DRM is so important and in conclusion we agree that it is good.
By Tadi and Maria
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