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Mount Vesuvious

No description

Bethany Wilson

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Mount Vesuvious

Some benefits of the volcano's eruption
This volcano's eruption has brought a lot of tourists to Italy to see the ruins of Pompeii. Because of all of the tourists, Italy gets a lot of business.
Age, type and composition
Mount Vesuvius' last eruption was 69 years ago. It is a composite volcano, and its lava composition is Rhyolitic. And the volcano itself is made of ash.
What type of eruption?
Mount Vesuvius produces Plinian eruptions. This means that when it does erupt, the eruptions are very violent.
Condition and recent eruption
Mount Vesuvius is a dormant volcano. Mount Vesuvius' last eruption was March 1944.
Future, predictions
Since this volcano is dormant, it may erupt again. Though scientists cannot be sure, Mount Vesuvius is predicted to erupt again in 2050.
Mount Vesuvius
Some effects the eruptions had on landscape, people and the planet
The volcano destroyed a nearby town called Pompeii. The ruins of this town are still there, and is a popular toured destination.
Result of hot spot, or subduction?
Mount Vesuvius is a result of subduction, because the volcano is on the edge of the Asian and European plates.
Mount Vesuvius is located near the bay of Naples in Italy. Its coordinates are 40.8167 N and 14.4333 E. It is on the Eurasian plate, and its geologic area is in Europe.
Prevention of injuries
The people living in a region with a volcano should always have an escape route in their home or a safe house underground.
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