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Academic Records & SSC

No description

Angela Ford

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Academic Records & SSC

Office of the
University Registrar
Academic Records

Training for the
Student Service Center

Academic Records

Records and Enrollment
Career, Program Information
Tuition and Fee Tables
OSU Student Records
Transcript Processing
This training is designed to demonstrate the Student Information System and Academic Records use of the SIS and processing policies owned by Academic Records with the Office of the University Registrar.
Record Processing
Enrollment Transaction Inquiry

Enrollment Summary


Term History

Student Grades

Term Activate a Student

Student Paid Fees

Student Program/Plan
Explanation of Fees

Tuition and Fee Tables

Refund Periods & Forfeiture Fees
Ordering Process
Enrollment Verification
Academic Records sends files to the National Student Clearinghouse continuously throughout the school year to verify a student’s enrollment. The Clearinghouse will update the reports the within two days of receiving the file.
Important Dates
Registration & Fees at a Glance
Important Dates
In most cases paperwork submitted to Academic Records is processed or returned within 24-48 business hours.
No Forfeiture (100% refund period):
Through the 1st Friday of semester classes.
25% Forfeiture (75% refund period):
1st Saturday through the 2nd Friday of semester classes.
50% Forfeiture (50% refund period):
2nd Saturday through the 4th Friday of semester classes.
100% Forfeiture (no refund):
After the 4th Friday of semester classes.
No Forfeiture (100% refund period):
Through 1st Friday of session classes.
25% Forfeiture (75% refund period):
Not Applicable.
50% Forfeiture (50% refund period):
Through the 2nd Friday of session classes.
100 Forfeiture (no refund):
After the 2nd Friday of session classes.
Semester Rules
Session Rules
The full "Explanation of Fees" is listed on the Office of the University Registrar's website at; http://registrar.osu.edu/
Each academic year specific tuition and fee schedule are created as fees adjust from year to year.
A current student or alumni will be able to order a transcript through the Office of the University Registrar’s website; http://registrar.osu.edu/.

Once the student has clicked on “Current Students and Recent Alumni” or “Alumni and Former Students” link, they will be directed to Credentials to order their transcript. Here they will also be able to review the ordering overview, payment methods, pricing schedule, e-transcript information, how to authorize their order, and TrascnriptsPlus™ FAQs.
Ordering Overview
Payment Methods
Authorizing the Order
Pricing Schedule
E-Transcript Information
Transcripts Plus FAQs
Start My Order
Once the student clicks on the “Start My Order” button, it will take them through the steps of: Student Information, Contact Information, Order Options, Recipient(s), Order Review, Purchase and then Finish.
Student Information
Contact Information
Order Options
Hold Transcript Order
Attended/Enrolled Years
Order Summary
Delivery Method
Additional Recipients
Check Status of Online Order - Student
After the student purchases the transcript they receive the order number that allows the student to check the status of their online order while it processes.
Reviewing an Order
Log onto the Credentials website
Order Search, Order Status, Comments/Communication
Order Search
Order Status
Third Parties
Transcript Held for Grades/Degree
Based on FERPA it is our policy that students request their own transcripts
Electronic Transcripts
Law Students
Semester Conversion
The College of Law students are assessed a fee with their tuition that allows them to order transcripts at no charge.
The quarter to semester conversion numbers only show on transcripts if the student actually enrolled in semesters, summer 2012 or after, but it always shows on the advising reports.
Current Enrollment
Once fees are due for a term records will be sent to verify actual enrollment. Students may obtain an Enrollment Verification online for the current term once their fees have been paid and students who have not paid their fees will be verified as withdrawn. When a final enrollment report is sent it also verifies the degrees that were awarded that term.
All Enrollment
Once fees are due for a term records will be sent to verify actual enrollment. Students may obtain an Enrollment Verification online for all terms enrolled. When a final enrollment report is sent it also verifies the degrees that were awarded that term.
Advanced Registration
Advanced registration means a student has registered for the term, not that they are “enrolled”. When a student has registered for classless for a future semester files are submitted to the National Student Clearinghouse verifying their advanced registration.
Good Student Discount
Even though the Clearinghouse does not verify GPA Ohio State does share these files with them. As a result, students may obtain a printable verification for Good Student Discount for auto insurance online. If a student is ineligible for the Good Student Discount Certificate, they will not be able to obtain this verification.
Projected Graduation
When Academic Records submits files for advanced registration and enrollment they include the student’s projected graduation and will be listed when students print a verification of advanced registration or enrollment. The only time anything different is verified is when the student has applied to graduate or if they have their college office puts a projected graduation term on the Student Program/Plan stack.
If a third party contacts the Student Service Center regarding enrollment verification, refer them to the National Student Clearinghouse to complete this request. If they are having difficulties, direct them to the Clearinghouse customer service for troubleshooting. The Clearinghouse will contact the Registrar’s Office if necessary to resolve any discrepancies.
Third Party Requests
Registration & Fees
at a Glance
National Student Clearinghouse
User Login - Student Reporting
History of Transmissions
Schedule of Future Transmissions
Enrollment History
Enrollment Data Reported to Lenders
Section One

Academic Records Processing
Section Two
Records and Enrollment
Section Three
OSU Student Records
Section Four
Career, Program Information
Section Five
Campus Community
Section Six
Tuition and Fee tables
Section Seven
Important Dates/Registration & Fees at a Glance
Section Eight
Late Fees
Section Nine
Drop for Non-payment
Section Ten
Transcript Processing
Section Eleven
Enrollment Verification
Campus Community
Personal Information (Student)
Identification (Student)
Service Indicator (Student)
Student Service Center (Student)
Late Fees
Late Payment Fee -
$200, $100 ($300 Total)
Late Registration Fee -
Late Course Add Fee -
$100 (each course)
Re-Enrollment Fee -
Drop for Non-payment
Each term Ohio State will drop students courses if they have an outstanding balance (current or previous term) after the second Friday of that term.
Manually Process
Update Order Information
Canceled Orders
Investigators may request an Unofficial Administrative Transcript 24 hours in advance. Please direct them to the Office of the University Registrar if they come into the SSC.
Notarized Transcripts
The student will place the transcript order on-line and mark the box indicating they have an attachment that needs to accompany the transcript.
Full transcript