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Sina Shamsian

No description

John Miller

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of Sina Shamsian

Western Fence Scrub jay
The Western Fence Scrub jay is an interesting animal.The Western scrub jay is 11inches long, and has a wingspan of over 15inches. Also, the Western Fence Scrub jay has a long tail and a small bill. Jays can be quite sneaky when it comes to aquiring and storing food. Also, the jay's natural color is blue and gray. Jays move thousands of acorns each fall.
Scrub jays have a natural habitat that they like. Jays often forage in pairs of family groups. The jay eats insects,fruits,nuts, seeds and occasionally small animals. Adult juvenile jays must watch out for predators including raptors, common ravens, snakes and other jays. Jays are relatively long-lived birds, and can reach over fifteen years in the wild.
Interesting Facts
Scrub jays have a very interesting behavior. Western Fence Scrub-jays amazingly do some sort of funeral when a jay dies . The jays call each other for 30 minutes and then stand over the dead bird for a day. The Scrub jay is one of Florida's friendliest songbirds, as well as one of its most threatened. Fire is essential for maintaining scrub jay habitat.
Now you know how amazing and ecxiting Western Fence Scrub jays are.
San Diego County has same very cool and unique animals. I chose the Western Fence Scrub jay because I think they are amazing animals.

Western Fence Scrub jay
by: Sina Shamsian
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