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The History of the Volleyball and Volleyball Uniform

Presented To: Mr.Valiquette

Rebecca MacLaren

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of The History of the Volleyball and Volleyball Uniform

Image 1 The Evolution of the Volleyball
and Volleyball Uniforms History of Volleyball:
The game of volleyball was developed by William Morgan in 1896. While inventing the sport he combined the sports of handball, badminton, basketball and tennis. While court sizes and net heights have changed over the years, the evolution of the volleyball is the most important part of the game today. In 1900 while trying to find a ball that was suitable to his new game, Morgan discovered that the best option was to get the company A.G Spalding and Bros to create an original ball for him that was better suited for play. The ball designed by Spalding and Bros had a circumference of 25-27 inches, and weighed 9-12 ounces. It consisted of a rubber inner, covered by a layer of cheesecloth, with a leather skin on the outside.
Image 2 1912 volleyball circumference changed to 26 inches, with a weight of 7-9 ounces.

In the 1964 Olympic games in Tokoyo volleyball became an official Olympic sport. The new ball was a rubber inner with leather paneling on the outside, very similar to what is used today.
Image 3 In 2001 the Mikasa MVP200 became the official international game ball. The inside of the ball is made of a butyl bladder for maximum air retention, with nylon wound around the bladder, and a micro-fibre composite outside, coloured gold, white and blue. This new ball was used as the Official Game Ball of the FIVB 2001 World League, World Cup, World Championships, and World Grand Prix. Image 4 In 2008 Mikasa released a new ball, the MVA200. This new ball has dimples and 8 aerodynamic panels. This ball has a nylon wound center and a soft microfibre cover. This ball has been designed to give the most accuracy and best control possible. It became the Official Game Ball of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and since then has been the Official Game ball of the FIVB. Image 5 When volleyball was first created, it was a sport for businessmen who were very conservative. Because of this in the 19th century men wore long sleeveless cotton t-shirts, pants that fell below the knee, and leather shoes. This clothing made playing volleyball difficult because of the restriction of movement, and the inflexibility and heaviness of the shoes. Image 6 In the 1920’s the common attire for volleyball became less conservative, and more appropriate for athletics. At this point, uniforms usually were cap-sleeved t-shirts, medium length shirts, and tight leather booties.
Image 7 In World War II, volleyball was introduced into the American military’s activities and recreation program. Because of this, in the 1940’s the general uniform for volleyball was short cotton shorts, a sleeveless tank top, ankle socks, and low-top converse like shoes.
Image 8 With the 1960’s came the introduction of synthetic materials in volleyball clothing, which marked a trend which is still seen in volleyball today. Spandex was first created in 1959, and became popular in women’s volleyball beginning in the 1970’s with spandex being preferred because of it’s ability to stretch, release moisture, and gave the women more freedom of movement. As time has passed the jersey styles change with the fashion trends, but all clothing now worn contains some type of spandex and synthetic material. Shorts have gotten shorter as to limit resistance of movement, and make diving and jumping easier. Many types of shorts now have wicking properties, and elastic to prevent movement on the leg. Men also use clothing containing spandex. The shorts are mid-length, and jerseys are t-shirt style or sleeveless. These materials are very breathable and easy to move in.
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