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No description

Darianne Monreal

on 8 November 2012

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Dead Is So Last Year By Marlene Perez The name of my book is Dead Is So Last Year by Marlene Perez. Whats the genre? Why I chose this book The main character In the beginning of the story, The theme of this book is Marlene Perez wrote the "Dead is" series. Dead is so last year is a fiction book & the
subgenre is mystery. You can tell its mystery
because the book gives different clues that show
that its mystery , & also , when you start reading
the book, you can tell its mystery. I chose this book because it looked
interesting and i like
mystery books , and also
because i like this series. In the beginning of the book,
the author kept my attention by putting strange mysterious things that made me want to keep on reading the book.
The main character in the book is Daisy Giordano. She
is described by the author as the "odd-ball" of the family. Daisy has been seeing a lot of familiar people
eating a lot of sweets like donuts and
cinnamon rolls. Then, Daisy attends a council
meeting & finds out that the people who eat
sweets all the time are the copies. Next , Daisy has to try to find all the copies & the person
who is making them. Eventually, she gets help
from other people to help her find them , but
you'll have to read the book to find out if Daisy ever finds out who has been creating the copies of people. Another important character is the mysterious person who is making copies of people . Daisy wants to find out who is making them , but its hard to tell who is making them & its hard to tell who are the copies & who are the real people. That creates the main conflict in the story. "dont trust people who you think you can
trust" The author shows the theme in the end of the book. Why I Liked the book I liked this book because i like mystery books & because this book wasn't boring at all. it reminded me of the book "Dead is a state of mind" because it had the same characters. If you like mystery books then you will love "Dead is so last year". I give this book 5 stars out of 5 because it was that good!
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