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Sinusoidal function ~Tides~

It is created for MCR3U.

Kento Horiuchi

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of Sinusoidal function ~Tides~

Sinusoidal Function in real life
Sinusoidal Function
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The Business Executive
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The student
What is tides?
How does it affect to mathematics?
1) a) This is a real graph recorded from the place located at Santa Monica in the U.S. The maximum height is 1.8m and the minimum height is -0.2m. Provide the answers required for each.

Period: 1day (24hour)
Amplitude: 1.8-(-0.2)/2=1
Equation of axis: 1.8+(-0.2)/2=0.8

In the month, the sea level of an ocean is recorded every day. The sea level goes up and down periodically every day. If the lowest height of the day is always 2am at -0.2m and the highest of the day is always is 5pm at 0.7m. Explain what the amplitude, period, and equation of the axis would represent in the average height of the sea in a day by sinusoidal function.

The aptitude represents the size of the tide between high tide and low tide.
The period represents one day that is rotating every day.
The equation of axis represents the average of height of sea level in the place.

There is a bay called Tubuai Island. The tide is expressed by the function.
Draw the function on the graph by using the mapping rule.
When you watch this, you can pause the movie to read the description and question carefully ;)
Thank you!!
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