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No description

Garrik Dietz

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Tundra

Tundra Tundra animals The animals in the are well adapted to the harsh climates and long winters. Tundra's plant life The weather is very cold for most of the year
and the soil is not very fertal so the only plants
that grow are grasses and shubs. Tundra landscape The tundra's landscape is manly flat lands
and small hills. Questions. 1. Why do the plant's and animals have to be well adapted to live in the tundra? 2. Why is the tundra always cold? 3. The hills in the tundra are? The tundra is located in the far north areas
of the Earth. The animals in the tundra they have to be fast and have good camo. Human influensces Because the tundra is so barren not many people are moving out to the tundra. 4. Why arent many people in the tundra? THE END
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