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"I laba Yooo" Laundry Shop Business

No description

Mia Melendez

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of "I laba Yooo" Laundry Shop Business

"I laba Yooo" Laundry Shop Business
Project Summary
Our proposed Laundromat is to be located at 1117 Tordesillas St. Salcedo Village, Bel-Air Makati City. This commercial site is currently for sale. We, the researchers chose that location because of the potential market it aims to serve.
Company Background
“I Laba Yooo” laundry shop is a service oriented kind of business which gives a full service as the primary service and a self service as a secondary service to its customers through washing their clothes.
Nature of Industry
Laundry industry is a strong and energetic business. Laundry services are seen as a viable solution when you don't have the time or the desire to do your laundry at home. Aside from convenience, this particular industry is deemed important because it offers specialty services to clean items that require more attention.
Type of Organization
This is a partnership kind of business organization composed of 6 partners contributing P 160,000.00 each to have an initial capital of P 960,000.00. With this, we are all said to be general partners for we are all liable for partnership debts to the extent of our personal property.
Project's General Objectives
• Give hassle-free and less time consuming Laundromat for everyone especially to our valued costumer.
• Endorse a new trend and technology in laundry business.
• Develop and expand our service lines.
• Hope to have 5 branches ten years from the start of the operation.
• Provide a stable livelihood to its personnel.
• Have a profitable operation every year.

Specific Objectives of the Project
• To provide customers with very reasonable Laundromat services and rates that is convenient.
• To provide a self service laundry opportunity to the clients.
• To introduce new technology to laundry industry.
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