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Pros and Cons of employee performance management

No description

Jordan Pickus

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Pros and Cons of employee performance management

Performance Appraisal methods
Performance Appraisal Methods
Performance Appraisal Methods
Rating Scales
Strengths and Weaknesses
Employees are given a score (numerical value)
Pros of ratings scales include ease of use and understanding
Many managers and employees are familiar with these assessments
A common negative of rating scales is the assumption that they are directly tied to an employee's raise or bonus, this could cause score inflation
Managers may also have a negative bias opinion towards employees
Time consuming
If process in not handled correctly by management it can be discouraging to employees
If management doesn't keep good records it can lead to a inconsistent message
Rater biases
Narrative Techniques
Write and essay based on your thought of job performance
You will keep a running log describing positive and negative performance and behaviors with the critical-independent method
A pro of these techniques is the thoroughness and detail in analyzing employee behaviors which allows you to focus on the positive behavior and addressing in detail employee behaviors
A negative to this method is employee may interpret too negative or too positive compared to a traditional scoring method
Comparison Method
These approaches compare the subject employee's performance to peers
This allows you to communicate to an employee areas in which the employee over- or under-performs relative to others in similar positions
This can motivate performance in competitive workplaces and competitive employees
Negative is can cause fighting amongst employees
Also can show lack of harmony between employees and ranks
Allow management to have performance based conversations with employees
Allows targeted staff development
Staff encouragement
Rewards staff for a job well done
Allows under performers to be identified and eliminated
Keeps a history of employee performance
Allows for employee growth

360 Feedback
employees are evaluated by colleagues, customers, subordinates, other interested parties an supervisors (ex: exit surveys)
The major advantage of this technique is that it offers the employee a chance to look at how others view his performance in various relationships that are critical to his job
Allows a better chance to compare different perspectives in the evaluation process itself
Biased evaluators, poor alignment with goals and negative employee feelings are among cons of this approach
Jordan Pickus
Rico Saldana
Ricardo Sierra
Michael England
Pros and Cons of employee performance management
Performance Appraisal methods
Performance management is the process of establishing goals and measuring performance against those goals. It gives an employee ownership and the ability to track their achievements against these goals to produce a well-documented and accurate measurement of their personal performance. This also helps to increase the employee's accountability and helps to drive their behaviors.
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