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Battleships of World War 1

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on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Battleships of World War 1

What Were They Used For ?
Battleships in WW1 were used for shore bombardments and provided escorts. They were also used to defend against amphibious invasion.
When Were Battleships Used ?
Battleships in World War 1 were used from 1914 to 1918. Battleships started being used in the late 1890s therefore they had been used the whole war. The Battle of Jutland was the largest battle ever to involve battleships and it wasin 1916.

Fun Facts

A German submarine sunk 3 battleships in less than an hour
Battleships carry the heaviest naval guns
The British were the first country to have a navy
The battleships were vulnerable to navel mines and torpedo's

Battleships of World War 1
Who used them ?

Where Were They Used ?
They were used in the deep sea for battles and they were also used on the shore for bombardments. They didn't have a huge role in WW1 because of the fuel shortage due to the prior conflict between the US and Europe.
Why Were They Used ?
Battleships of World War 1 were used because they could be out in the sea and could still reach land with their weapons. Their only threats were submarines shooting torpedoes and planes that were dropping bombs.
How Did They Impact World War 1 ?
Battleships impacted World War 1 because the they could float just off shore and still be capable of destroying the shoreline.


This is a navel mine that would sink battleships if they ran into them.
This is a diagram of the HMS Nelson, it was armed with 16 inch 406 mm guns.
The USS Texas the first US battleship. It was built in 1892 and used in World War 1.
The sinking of SMS Szent István, after being torpedoed by Italian U-boats.
The battleships of World War 1 were moved through the water by propellers under the water and not masts that would catch wind to move them.
Guns on Battleships in WW1:
Some battleships were equipped with 120 smooth bore guns. They also had guns which ranged from 4.7 inches to 8 inches.
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