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Directorate A - January 2012

TermCoord EP

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Master-Uni.lu-InterInst.Coop

Interinstitutional Cooperation and Information Sharing in the Field of Terminology in the EU Master: Multilingualism in a Multicultural Environment - University of Luxembourg In the past.... each Institution had its own terminology in specific multilingual printed glossaries

in the '90's each Institution created its own electronic database: e.g.: Eurodicautom (Commission) Euterpe (Parliament)

In 2002 they fuse in a common database: IATE The Interinstitutional IATE
Management Group Wiki accessed by all members of terminology coordination units in the Institutions, participating in IATE

common point for sharing information about
current projects
best practices
terminology material
supplementary material like language specific guidelines for IATE
conferences and trainings
working documents for discussion before meetings
minutes of meetings An interactive database administrated by an interinstitutional management group made of ten Institutions common consultation
insertion of terms "on the fly"
consolidation and completion
integration into the translation tools
one, unique and common terminology
validation by terminologists
interinstitutional feedback
services to the citizens through the public version Working groups and Task Forces Interinstitutional IATE Management Group
meets approx. once every two months
decides on strategic development of IATE
draws up cooperation policy
agrees on technical developments of IATE
appoints task forces like IATE Handbook and Data Entry Terminology Coordinators meetings
regular video-conferences with representatives of terminology coordination services of all institutions (not only of those participating in IATE)
exchange of best practices for terminology work
planning of joint initiatives like conferences, training etc. Language community meetings at the level of terminologists/translators aiming at
discussing topics of particular interest for the respective community
unifying and consolidating terminology by domains
in-person or video-conference meetings
in EP: TermCoord encourages and assists these meetings, collects best practices IATE Content Management Group
content priorities
information on projects
consolidation IATE Data Entry task force
gathers information about users’ needs in their respective institutions
makes proposals for technical improvements of the IATE interface
works towards a more user-friendly application IATE Handbook task force
first step (already completed): merge the most important parts of the "IATE input manual" and the "Best practices"
adapt the handbook to take into account new features
harmonise working methods Ad hoc working groups External
Cooperation Parliament Council Commission Court of Justice Court of Auditors Central Bank Investment Bank Committee of Regions Translation Center Economic and Social Committee Rodolfo Maslias Head of Terminology Coordination EP
permanent contact with hundreds of terminology university departments and bodies
presentations in the EP and in international conferences
IATE projects with universities (Mons, Sofia, Bologna)
external training on terminology management (ECQA training) A portal under construction A common platform providing
single central access to terminology resources, tools and databases
efficient and user-friendly interinstitutional communication
linguistic knowledge and skills sharing
better functionality for all interinstitutional tools
communication on language level and on specific topics Examples Conference series
"Terminology in the changing world of translation" organized by the EP with the participation of other institutions (presentations and workshops)
Terminology in Legislative Procedures
TermITes and CATs
Lexicograffiti (Lexicography and e-Lexicography)
A Term is Born (Neologisms in Media)
Terminology in Academia (2014) Three levels of communication needed

1. Terminology coordination services (covered only
partly by the wiki)

2. between terminology coordination services and
terminologists and among terminologists across
institutions (about 200 in all institutions)

3. between the previous two and translators, as well
as among translators of all institutions Internal Communication provide translators with terminology relevant to their daily work (proactive approach),

offer up-to-date terminology material apart from IATE

gather and process feedback from translators for further improvement and development
Communication will serve to
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