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No description

John Miller

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Racoons


San Diego County has cool and unique animals. I chose a racoon because i think they are very cool and amazing!
Racoons are usually 16-28 in long. These creatures look like they have a mask on there eyes. Racoons are gray,black,and white. Racoons have different colors. Did you know you can spell a racoons name different from others? If you have a vegetable garden keep a good eye on it racoons will raid it when they want.
Racoons are very clever and sneaky when it comes to hibernating and food. Racoons will sometimes catch fish with there claws. Some racoons dig in the trash cans for food and if you ever come out to take the trash out at night be careful you might find one.
Interesting facts
I learned a lot of interesting facts about racoons. Christopher Columbus was the first individual we know who wrote about racoons. Racoons can run of up speeds to 15 miles per hour. Racoons are very good swimmers and can stay in the water for sevaral hours. Racoons make a variety of vocalizations inculding hisses,whistles,screams,growls,and snarls
San Diego County as some cool and unique animals. As you can see racoons are very cool and awesome. Well i hope you learned a lot about racoons. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!
By:Brianna Martinez
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