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50 G Technology Initiative Take Two

No description

Johnathan Graves

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of 50 G Technology Initiative Take Two

Current Professional Development: District Level
iSchool Digital Learning Conversion
(175 participants)
Differentiated iPad training
(462 participants)
Schools Technology Leader (STL) training
Out of district visits to observe digital conversion
Current Professional Development: School Level
Digital Citizenship training
Technology Vision Builders: media specialist and teachers
Professional Learning Network Development: Twitter, Discovery Education, Edmodo
Small Group PLC's
Future Professional Development:
Year 1 (2014-2015)

Training on 4 different platforms: 1:1 iPad carts, lab settings, small groups, BYOT:
Web 2.0 tools
Google Apps
iTunes University
Future Professional Development:
Year 1 (2014-2015)
Broadening vision: school visits in district and out of district, various Professional Learning Network platforms

Teacher Collaboration: Inter-disciplinary (school, district, beyond)

Mindset and approaches for technology integrated curriculum
Future Professional Development:
Year 2-3 (2015-2017)
Digital techbooks/textbooks (dependent on device capabilities)
Expanding curriculum offered to students through online resources
Research and potential online learning management systems
Future Professional Development:
Year 4-5 (2017-2019)
Summer Academy supporting teachers in understanding current trends in technology
Training to support 1:1 initiative or a single platform of devices
Training for full implementation of learning management system
Technology is always changing; therefore, our plans will constantly be re-evaluated to incorporate current trends.
50G Rollout Schedule
Completed 2013/2014
Emerald (7)
Westview (8)
Springfield (4)
Brewer (8)
Hodges (4)
Coming Soon
(By Summer 2014)
Northside (8)
Woodfields (4)
Mathews (4)
Greenwood High (11)
Rice (4)
Lakeview (4)
Merrywood (4)
Pinecrest (4)
...it's not just
about devices!
Proper infrastructure is pivotal!
Network engineering
Access point upgrades and proper placement
Network switch upgrades
Internet bandwidth upgrades
"If you build it, they will come..."
One access point per classroom = one new cable drop per classroom = 700 new network drops districtwide!
Network Engineering
Approximately 120 new network switches
Internet bandwidth upgrades
100Mbps --> 200Mbps
Understanding the 50G Technology Initiative

In August,
iSchool Initiative
visits Emerald High School
First look at 21st Century mobile classroom
Various communication tools being utilized
District Website
Local media
District Newsletter
QR Code Flyers
In March,
Visioning Day
held for students, teachers, and parents
"Everyone must be All In!"
Strengthening partnerships through:
Professional development
Creating Community Wi-Fi Hotspots
Greenwood businesses
(Restaurants, Offices, Laundry mats, etc.)

Initiate a Computer-Based Homework Center Program
Develop roles of students, teachers, parents and community in the digital conversion
Become risk takers: try new approaches from all involved
Continue the communication that springboards our continued change
Visioning Day - March 7th, 2014
Looking Ahead...
Year One 2014-2015
Complete initial 50G infrastructure rollouts for the remainder of district
Upgrade Internet bandwidth from 200Mbps - 500Mbps
Implement teacher laptop replacement plan
Looking Ahead...
Years 2-3 2015-2017
Additional device rollout (iPads, laptops)
Core (main) switch upgrades
Upgrade Internet bandwidth again to match demand (500Mbps - ?)
Revisit wireless infrastructure for any needs
iPad Deployment
Already Deployed
810 cart-based iPads
600 teacher iPads (all certified staff)
Coming Soon
1,410 cart-based iPads

Why is technology important for students in Greenwood School District 50?
Improve student achievement
Transform teaching and learning
Use engaging technology-based instruction
We are the
district in South Carolina that is utilizing a vertical pilot.

Our pathway will lead to the long term goal of college and career ready graduates.
Springfield-Launching pad

Ultimate Goal
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