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Achievement Unlocked

Taking a look at the "achievement," point and reward systems, social networks, augmented reality, and then examining insight into the future.

William Nickley

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Achievement Unlocked

Jesse Schnell, DICE 2010 This talk is a great overview about the merger of vitural environment and the real world, focusing on current and future technology. tech provides... social networking virtual achievement the rule of divergence the pocket exception Evolving technologies diverge, much in the way species do in nature. The one area in which technologies converge is in the pocket. people like games

people crave social interaction

achievements motivate

blending any these three things creates success

blends occur in both the physical and virtual worlds

things trend to be virtual
(good = accessability, scalability, cost; bad = no real world action?)

can we bring it back to the physical world, "using virtual tools to empower and inspire real world activities"? people crave... adventure social interaction recognition entertainment excitement novelty information connectivity to feel special businesses crave... customers & clients security expansion growth patterns information attracting new loyalty retaining old demographics simplicity ease of use convenience options customization market share revenue new ideas closure ...and tech helps satisfy in the virtual world the trend is to blend more social more achievement based self-expression but what about the physical world? the problem here: everything is virtual our interest...
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