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Lake Wabamun- Oil Spill

No description

Paiton Ouellette

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Lake Wabamun- Oil Spill

Lake Wabamun- Oil Spill
The Oil Spill
Dallas' Perspective
The cabin owners think that this is really bad because they got told not to drink their well water, or water their plants or anything. The cabin owners started going into the water to clean it up and later got told not to do that because there were certain chemicals in the water. They had to go and buy water from other places and it was costly.
Their flowers got poisoned they had no fish for food because they got poisoned so they had to buy more food which is even more money. The cabin owners lost a lot of money and could have got very sick from this accident.
Savanna's Perspective
I think the oil spill from CN rail was bad for everyone in the area because, because they couldn’t use any well water, because it was contaminated. The people that lived in the cabins couldn’t drink the water, shower, wash dishes, water there plants. All of citizens couldn’t save the animals that could have been exposed to the harsh chemicals in the oil.
People didn’t know how much of the 70,000 liters of pole-treating oil may have spilled into Lake Wabamun because most of the oil was absorbed into the ground.

Paiton's Perspective
By: Paiton Ouellette, Savanna Sauntry, Dallas Turner
Lake Wabamun is one of the most commonly used lakes in Alberta.
Lake Wabamun is in the city of Seba Beach, Wabamun.
Lake Wabamun is a Provincial Park.
Lake Wabamun is 65km west of Edmonton.
The area of Lake Wabamun is 82Km squared.
The surface elevation is 727m
The length is 19.2km
The width is 6.6km
Lake Wabamun has reported
sightings of danergous animals
Lake Wabamun

After the oil spill many people were affected. People lost their jobs, and lost of money. Many families had lots of fiance issues after the oil spill. They lost all use of water and had to get it shipped in which cost even more money for the families that lived at Lake Wabamun. 734,000 litres of oil was spread through Lake Wabamun by high winds across 8 kilometres of the lake.
I think that I am speaking for almost all of the community around the Lake Wabamun, it was a terrible thing. All of the people in the area lost all source of water! They had to buy all of the water that they needed. The residents lost lots of money. The fisherman had no jobs. They couldn't bring home money of food.
I think that the CN Rail or the government should have to buy all of the residents that got affected by the oil spill clean bottled or ship us clean well water! It's no fair that we had to pay for our own water for something that wasn't our fault.
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