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The Enemy written by V. S. Naipaul

Analysis, plot, characters, themes, symbolism, historical/social/political/economical background, the author

Daniela Seczon

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of The Enemy written by V. S. Naipaul

The Story Authors purpose Symbolism The Black Power Revolution, also known as the "Black Power Movement", 1970 Revolution, Black Power Uprising and February Revolution, was an attempt by a number of social elements, people and interest groups in Trinidad and Tobago to force socio-political change
The country Trinidad and Tobago obtained independence in 1962, becoming a republic in 1976. The country's economy is primarily industrial, with an emphasis on petroleum. Historical content The Boy: This boy is an only child who lives with his mom and dad. He has favoritism for his dad since he chose him over the mom. He has a good relationship with the dad, and his dad taught him three things, God, laws of gravity and colours. The boy doesn’t have a good relationship with his mom, she always hits him and when he told her about his good grade at first she didn’t believe him, he also sees her as the enemy.

The Dad: He is much more open minded than the mom, he wants things to go his way since he told his son that if he stayed with him, he would give him crayons, also when the mom wanted to leave for her safety, he didn’t want to leave. Also these people were waiting for him, so he brought trouble along the way and made his family get scared. The relationship with his son is good since he chooses him over the mom he taught him his beliefs and wanted him believed what he believes. The relationship between him and the mom is not good because they would always fight and the mom ended up leaving him.

The Mom: She never liked it when the Father didn’t care about their safety; she tries to be brave, but is actually really scared. She is not the best mom since she would hurt her son with anything he did wrong, she would hit him if he couldn’t tie his shoes, and she didn’t like it when he disobeyed her. Although it didn’t seem as though she was a great mom she did care a lot for his son even though he didn’t think so. Character Relations 1967- V. S. Naipaul Analysis
The Enemy At the beginning of the story the boy is narrating the story of his life and why he thought he mother was his enemy. In the first half of the story he talks how his father thought him how to be a better person before he died. He talks about the anger his mother felt for his father because he gave more love to him and shared more special moments with him. In the second part they he tells us how his father died and that they had to move to another town. In the town his mother didn't worried for him and let him do what ever he wanted but there were always serious consequences. His mother always hit him and made him suffered. But it was then when he was closed to death, and he saw his mother in tears when he realized that she wasn't his enemy, but the person that loved him the most. Yet he didn't feel compassion for her. Themes Revenge Child Abuse Pride Favoritism Fear By: Valentina Villela, Laura Valentina Laguna, Daniela Seczon, Alejandro Yanez, Jose Miguel Arboleda - V.S Naipaul which is short for his actual name, Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul.
-Born on the 17th of august 1932 in Trinidad and Tobago
-Married Patricia Hale
-Then married Nadira Naipaul
-He relates some of the events of his memories with his mother and father
-Something happens, and incident between the writer and his mother which causes a misapprehension between them both
-After the incident he starts considering his mom as his enemy,
-Only child, for her mom it was too much
-He tries to escape, but becomes ill.
-He sees his mother actually cares for him Father dies of fright
Narrator fears his mother (shoes)
Mother was fearful of the house Mother Child on mother
suffering Child to father-trigger
Mother- Safety
Father- Teach his beliefs Father, staying at home
Mother, power over son
Child Teachings of father:
Sita and Rama
Gravity-Colors-God(importance of religion)


Darkness, rain http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trinidad_and_Tobago
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