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What is emotional health

do you know what emotional health is, well this prezi will give you a better under standing of what emotional health is.

maximum demopoulos

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of What is emotional health

Emotional Health
What is emotional health?
Can exercise change your mood?
Do you know some of the emotional faces?
How to keep an emotional balance?
It is important to keep an emotion balance
by: Being optimistic, having hope,making a better environment, exercising, a good diet and great relationships.




Try and figure out the faces



one=happy four=scared Two=angry five=yawn

I hope you got these correct

Time to put you to the test
Emotions are part of your daily life,but what really are emotions?
Emotions are what you would call feelings, they are triggered when you feel angry, happy, sad or tired.
Here are some of the emotions, Happy, Excited, Angry, Tired, Depressed, Tired, Stressed and Bored.

How are emotions triggered?
They are triggered when you feel threatened or
when you feel threaten your body sends a message thou your body that tells you to fight or walk away.
But when you feel rewarded
it tells your body to relax its not an emergence.
When you exercise your brain releases chemicals called endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine, these chemicals make you feel relaxed happy and less stressed,It may be hard work but it's worth it.
I hope this presentation
has made you understand more about emotional health
What are the areas that come under emotional health?

Emotional intelligence and Emotional well being are the two main areas that come under emotional health
What are emotions?
Emotional health is when you are able to take control of your emotions by not getting sad and angry very easy and not letting your emotions take over your body.
What are the benefits of being emotional healthy?
1. You are able to laugh at yourself and take a joke easier.
2. You have more self-confidence.
3. You have better relationships.
4. You will enjoy life more.
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