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30 Laboratory Equipment Used in Biotechnology

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Kyle Kelley

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of 30 Laboratory Equipment Used in Biotechnology

30 Laboratory Equipment Used in Biotechnology
Hot Plate
An electrical device used to heat things up.
Used to measure exact amounts of small liquids.
A heated and pressurized container used to sterilize equipment and kill any living organisms left.
Water Bath
Heats items up to a specific temperature and keeps it at that temperature.
Compound Light Microscope
An instrument used to see things
not visible to the naked eye.
An apparatus used to control the
environment to culture and grow bacteria and hatching eggs artificially or to provide a stable environment for a reaction.
Graduated Cylinder
Used to measure liquid volume, very accurate.
They are used to grip objects that are to small for your fingers or if they are extremely hot.
An apparatus consisting essentially of a compartment spun at high speeds to help separate liquids from solids.
Petri Dish
Holds specimens for observation and growth cultures.
Pestle and Mortar.
Used to crush and mix solids
Used to heat, stir, and measure liquids.
Electronic Balance/Digital Scale
Used to measure small amounts of weight.
Bunsen Burner
A natural gas powered piece of equipment that is used to heat, sterilization or combustion.
Dropper Pipettes
Used to measure small amounts of liquid for transfer.
Used to measure temperature in F or C.
Used to protect eyes during laboratory experiments, must be worn at all times.
Beaker Tongs
Used to hold beakers that are extremely hot.
Ring Stand
Used to hot beakers, and other items that are being heated.
Laminar Air Flow Chamber
Used to prevent contamination of semiconductors wafers, biological samples, or any particle sensitive device.
Fume Hood
A local ventilation unit used to limit exposure to toxic fumes or dusts.
Microcentrifuge Tubes
Used to hold small measures of liquids to be used in a centrifuge.
Electrophoresis Chamber
A chamber used in gel electrophoresis that conducts an electrical current.
Used to mix or agitate solutions.
Test Tube
Used to hold, mix, heat small amounts of solids or liquids.
Used to channel liquids or fine-grained solids without spillage.
Used to protect your hands during laboratory experiments.
Storage Container
Used to hold and store chemicals and other solids or liquids. Should be labeled correctly.
Lab Coat
Used to protect your clothing during laboratory experiments from splashing chemicals and other solutions.
Face Shield
Used to protect your face from heat and splashing chemicals in the lab.
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