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How to Use Episode: Choose your Story!

Hello, Episode newbies! Today, with help from my best friends, the Vocaloids, you will learn how to use this glorious website software! Start here at: episodeinteractive.com

kaz .

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of How to Use Episode: Choose your Story!

Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku Posted:
Megurine Luka
Megurine Luka Posted:
Shion Kaito
Shion Kaito Posted:
Kagamine Rin
Kagamine Rin Posted:
How to Use Episode: Choose Your Story!
By: ***Hatsune Miku Append***
Kagamine Len
Kagamine Len Posted:
Sakine Meiko Posted:
Sakine Meiko
Megpoid GUMI
Megpoid GUMI Posted:
Omg! My story is all ready to go!
If you are sure your story is all finished, preview it on your Apple, Amazon, or Android device, whichever your Google+ account is signed on to. (This is why Miku said that was important!) If you think its all ready for an actual story for the app, click "Submit" on your dashboard. Beware, your story has to have at least 3 episodes to submit for app review. If you get some email response back, saying that your story is appropriate, then CONGRATS! from the Vocaloids and I. If you get nothing, then get back to perfection!
Want a fashion statement change?
To change an outfit, there is a script action to do that. To change your outfit in a scene, the script action should be stated this way:


Or something like that, if this is wrong, look in the Episode Writers Corner for help.

Tip: Try and see if you can create a dressing game!
To end an episode! Really easy, don't panic!
To end an episode, you need to use your narrator to say something like an end line. Something like this will do:

To be continued...

If you can find anything else that works, go ahead! When you end your episode, go to your episode dashboard, and click new episode.

Tip: On your dashboard, you can add your story icon, you can make it with Microsoft Paint, Google Drive, etc...
Your character is done, time for the actual script writing!
Some examples of script behaviors are on the right as *male and female.* You can click on them to preview them before you put them in the script. This is how they should look like, + a choice:

LEN (talk)
Hello, Rin, thanks for helping me in this tutorial today!
@RIN enters from right to screen right.
RIN (talk_greet)
You're welcome! Should I help demonstrate choices?
LEN (talk)
"Yes" {
LEN (talk_excited)
Yes! And you just did!
} "No"
LEN (talk)
No thanks, but you did it anyway!
You have done your background! If you haven't created your characters, do so now! You can always change or add your characters later.
Fashionista time! When you get to your story dashboard, click outfits. The first outfit you would have would be something like RIN_DEFAULT. As stated there, to pick an item, click it. to remove an item, click the picked ones above the others. I am thinking there is a limit to clothing, but I don't know yet.
Don't forget to save when done, or YOU WILL START ALL OVER WITH THE OUTFIT.
After you have logged in and finished the tutorial, you will need a guide story. "Choices Between Episodes" is a good one.
Great! Now you will need a background! Click on the "Art Gallery" tab, and you will see a bunch of settings. When you find the one you like, highlight the name of the setting (it should say INT. whatever setting-day or so) and paste it to your script. You can change the background whenever, but DONT change the previous one, or it wont end up like you thought it should have.
Welcome to Episode: Choose Your Story! It can seem a little hard to make stories at first, but with a little practice, it's easy as pie and leek!
First, use a computer and sign into Episode Interactive with your Google+. *This has to be the SAME account you signed into your phone/tablet Episode app with.* Then the tutorial manager should show you around.

*This is important so you can view your story later in 'Write' tab! You CANNOT view stories from your computer!*
Go to: episodeinteractive.com
Tip: You MUST do your script correctly before you save, or you will get errors to fix the script. You can get help from the Episode Writers Corner in the "Community" tab.
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