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The Inferno

No description

Bryan Ritter

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of The Inferno

Dante's Inferno Dante Alighieri Plot Characterization Setting Author's Objective Personal Opinion Historical Research Bibliography Music Video Time Period: ~ 1300 A.D.
End of Mideival Age, Possibly very beggining of Renaissance
Crusades recently ended
Political strife ~ Literary Elements Themes:
Italian (Florence)
Symbolic ideas:
Allegory Time Period "The Dark Wood of Error"
Main Setting: Hell
All 9 circles "The Wood of Error" Setting: Hell
Characters:Dante, Virgil

Central Conflict: Dante cannot get to Heaven, God, and Beatrice, so he must go through Hell to do so. 1st circle 2nd circle 3rd circle 4th circle 5th circle 6th circle 7th cirlce 8th circle 9th and final
circle Climing down Satan Dante survives
through Hell,
continues to
Purgatory Dante: Main Character
35 years old
shows fear throughout
must reconcile to get to heaven
travels through hell
gives Virgil admiration and praise Virgil: Dante's Guide
guide and protector
physical and moral
leads Dante through hell
driving factor Born in 1265 in Florence.
Met Beatrice, his muse and inspiration for most of his poetry, when he was 9.
Served as a soldier and held several political offices.
One of the first to write poetry in Italian instead of Latin.
Had 5 kids. Cody: Enjoyed the book Reccomends.
Evon: Outstanding book, but difficult read. Reccomends.
Trevor: Great book, the way it was written was outstanding. Reccomends.
Bryan: Great book, but confusing and in depth. Reccomends. ("Flame clip art") ("Dante Alighieri") ("Dante in the Dusky Woods") ("Lucifer King of Hell") ("Rain of Fire") Dante Virgil ("Dante and Virgil") ("Christian Cross") ("Map of Hell") ("Crusades") ("da Vinci's Mona Lisa") Exposition "Dante Alighieri." All About Italy. N.p., 11 Mar. 2011. Web. 10 Apr. 2011. <http://www.allaboutitaly.info/?p=3142>.
Società Dante Alighieri Brisbane. "Life of Dante Alighieri." Società Dante Alighieri Brisbane. N.p., 2010. Web. 10 Apr. 2011. <http://www.dante-alighieri.com.au/lifeofdante.html>.
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"Lucifer King of Hell." Artsy Craftsy. Web. 10 Apr 2011. <http://www.artsycraftsy.com/dore/dore_inferno34.html>.
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"Flame clip art." Clker.com. Web. 10 Apr 2011. <http://www.clker.com/clipart-23657.html > Convert non-Christians to the Christian faith via fear of the unsaved afterlife
Don't know if he was successful

Michael A. Neulander - "..weaved together aspects of biblical and classical Greek literary traditions to produce one of the most important works of not only medieval literature, but also one of the great literary works of Western civilization."

Shirley Li - "Savor Dante's overpowering language that is cleverly winded around one of life's most daunting matter-Hell"

John Devera - "Today, we can see that even our theological understanding of heaven and hell owes to this man's work." Time Period: ~ 1300 A.D.
End of Mideival Age,
Crusades recently ended
Political strife
Society influenced by Christianity
Shorty transitions into the Renaissance ~ "I look up, you look down" "I'll make it right this time" "It starts and ends with you the feelings with out" "I'm reaching from darkness"
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