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Child Labor

If you dont like it, then too bad. My favourite colour is potato.

Connie Darvishi

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Child Labor

Why does child labor happen? How many kids work? The I.L.O. (The International Labor Organization) says that an
estimated 250,000,000 children are working. This does not
include domestic servants because it is almost impossible to
count them. What do children make? Children make almost everything.
They pick fruits, they make fireworks, matches,
toys, sporting goods, school supplies,
plastic gadgets, surgical instruments, and a lot more. We live off things kids have made.And
what do they get? Unfair wages and unsafe working conditions. Is poverty a cause of child labor? Yes, but child labor is also a cause of poverty.
When a child is hired, an adult is fired. so when
a kid is employed, an adult that was in that spot
before loses their job. That drives down adult wages in that industry or region. When a child
works, they are denied education. That means they have no way of escaping poverty Why are kids even
employed if its illegal? Kids are employed
because it is easier to have them around. Children complain less, can be paid less, and it
will be easier to fire them. Adults complain more and expect a higher wage. Wont kids be better
off working? NO! Children should be in school and get an education instead of having their childhood taken away. If they don't go to school, and cant work, they might be forced into prostitution, begging, or they would end up homeless. CONCLUSION yes! and the only way to do that is to get people to put their kids in school and giving their jobs to older family relatives, friends, or SOMEONE that's old enough to work and doesn't have a job! Maybe yes. Maybe no. Lets find out!!! What is child labor anyways?! Child labor is when a child under the age of sixteen is working for unfair wages and unsafe working conditions. (Jobs like paper route and babysitting don't count) What jobs do kids have? Children have horrible jobs. They are sold to factories (with dangerous equipment that can kill them and they cant go to the bathroom whenever they want) They work on plantations and farms, picking things like fruits, (the oranges picked by 5 year old's in Brazil were in the orange juice you had this morning. Guilty?) cotton, coaco, (Sorry but I think its time to lay off the Hershey's) vegetables, Should child labor stop? Child labor happens for a lot of reasons. Parents cant find work, greedy employers, parents spent all the money on drinking, gambling, drugs etc, a family member is sick and there isn't enough money for medicine... BAM! CHILD LABOR!!!!!!!! HIII!!!!!! I has a question... What are some companies that use child labor? Hersheys, Forever 21, Gap, Old Navy, Nike, Apple, Samsung, Victorias Secret, Disney (I trusted you, Disney, I trusted you!!! But when I read that... childhood ruined...) Tommy Hilfiger, Coca - cola, McDonalds, Nokia, Mattel, Addidas, Wal-mart, H&M, American Eagle, Target..... The list is endless!!! Safe? SAFE?! SAFE?!?!?!

Does this look safe to you?! Well that's that folks!

Bye!!!!! When
did child
labor start? Child labor started in the 1700's but wasn't such a huge problem until the 1800's, but it didn't become illegal in Canada until the early 1900's *expertly drawn star* *These kids are going on a 12 hour night shift* How much money do they earn? Child laborers get paid up to $3.50 a day. Sadly, sometimes they don't even get their pay. If the child makes a mistake, they can be beaten, killed, raped, or they wont even be paid to feed their little siblings and parents. They will be safe! *Careless employer* And that isn't even all
the jobs they have!!! And the sad part is that there are child soldiers and child prostitutes...
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