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Smart Shopping Cart Business plan

By www.prezmaker.com / Content by Jeremie Berrebi http://www.berrebi.org/2012/01/08/guide-pour-presenter-votre-business-plan-de-startup/

yanir edri

on 25 February 2017

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Transcript of Smart Shopping Cart Business plan

SWOT Analysis
Comparative Advantages
Financial Analysis
Customers Value
Marketing Strategy
Establish relationship with our clients
Sales catalogs - Benefits of the product
Company Website
One Year Development Costs
8 Developers - 25K per Month each = 2.4M ILS
1 Project Manager - 20K Per Month = 240K ILS
3 Software testers - 12K Per Month each = 432K ILS
Total Costs : 3,072,000 ILS
5 Year Model
Customers buy more
Satisfied customers
Data can be used for customers behavior analysis
There is no similar product in the israeli market
World Wide
LSO Suite - Portugal
Clients may not accept our product
Users may not understands the use of the cart

Large and medium supermarkets
Indirect customer

18-75 years old customers
Direct customer
(Supermarket owners)
(Supermarket customers)

Owners with technological approach
Change in the ways of shopping at supermarket chains

As soon as possible
Within one year

A product that provides organizational solutions to large and medium supermarkets

Unique algorithm for customers behavior learning
Self payment system
Customer navigation to the desired product
Smart recommendation system
Thank you for your attention
Any questions?
Our product is attractive and inviting
Knowledge of israel market
A unique learning algorithm
Growth of israel supermarkets chains
Technological developments are needed in this niche
There is no similar product in the israeli market
Rapid technological change
users may reject the technological change
Business Model
More than 844 Potential clients
Absolute focus on our preferred market
improving enterprises efficiency
Financial aspects
High costs structure
New technologies, services, ideas
120,000 ILS
One-time startup costs for one supermarket
Reduce in human resources
40% of the market in 5 years
Users Value
Minimize shopping time
Minimize costs by promotions and attractive offers
Easy to manage the shopping list
Self payment method
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