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on 10 January 2015

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Transcript of FOSSIL FUELS

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
What is the Canada government doing to solve the issue?
Energy stored in fossil fuels originally came from the sun.
How they started...
Large fern and tree-like plants
that grew in swamps and bogs.
Tiny plants and animals called planktons
Plants and plankton dies...
80% of Global Energy Supply
comes from Fossil Fuels
Natural gas
Usage of Fossil Fuels
One of the world's most attractive energy centers for continuing investment and development
Natural resources sectors
(fossil fuel industries)
Western Canada
Economic Opportunity
Population growth
Since 1990...
Resulted into...
Increased more than 25%
Objective to reduce emission
CO2 concentrations levels
risk in climate
Canada has about 0.5% of the world's population but contributes 2% of the total global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).
Other Nations
Ensure cleaner vehicles and fuels available
Carbon Dioxide Capture & Storage
Passenger automobile and light truck greenhouse gas emissions
Heavy-duty vehicle emissions regulations:
Regulations on coal-fired electricity generation:
Where does it come from?

Heat & pressure
Over millions of
From 1991 2006
Canada's economy

58.6% in gross
domestic product
grew by 16.4%
Canada's population
Challenges we are facing
Non-renewable resources
Using fossil fuels 100,000 times faster than they are being made
What can we do?
Replacing trucks with more efficient models
reduce GHG emissions
One of Canada's largest user of Bullfrog power (100% renewable energy source)
Finding Balance
Canada's largest wind power operator
We can help reduce the use
of fossil fuels which will help benefit ...
Conserve Energy
Fuel for our vehicles
In the industry
Electricity in our homes
New emission standards in 2011-2016 models
To reduce vehicle emissions by 25% compared to 2008 models
New regulations to limit greenhouse gas emissions from heavy duty vehicles
To reduce emissions by up to 23% by 2018
Final regulations to reduce emissons from generation of electricity from coal, beginning in 2015
Apply Stringent Performance Standards to coal-fired electricity generation facilities
Corporate Social Responsibilities
ecoEnergy Initiatives
Invested nearly $5 billion dollars
Use energy more efficiently
Boost renewable energy supplies
Develop cleaner energy technologies
Reduce emissions by 20% from current levels by 2020,
60% to 70% by 2050

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