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1StepEnglish - PHRASAL VERBS

A short explanation about PHRASAL VERBS. What they are; examples with definitions and how to use them correctly.

English Tutor 1StepEnglish

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of 1StepEnglish - PHRASAL VERBS

What are they and what do they mean? Are you lost within the maze of Phrasal Verbs? Phrasal Verbs Some Examples ask around Answer We will check in when
we get to the hotel. Answer The phrasal verb 'make up'
can be used in both of these examples.

Some phrasal verbs have
more than one meaning. Thank you for watching
our presentation about PHRASAL VERBS.

We hope that this has helped you.

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1StepEnglish A phrasal verb usually consists of two words together that demonstrate a directive action. The verb shows an action/movement and the preposition shows the verb's direction. With so many in the English language it can be difficult to learn them all. Let's learn some together now... blow up break down break in break out call off chip in drop back fall apart figure out get around give up To ask many people the same question...
Example: I asked around but nobody had seen my wallet. To stop trying when it gets tough...
Example: I give up because it's too hard! To blow up...
Example: The racing car blew up after
it smashed into the fence. To help...
Example: If everyone
chips in we will get the
kitchen painted quickly. To stop working/be upset...
Example: The car broke down whilst driving.
She broke down because she heard some bad news. To understand/find the answer...
Example: I need to figure out how to
make this book shelf. To force entry...
Example: They broke into my house. To escape...
Example: The prisoners
broke out of jail. To have mobility...
Example: My grandfather can
get around fine in his wheelchair. To move back in position...
Example: Andrea dropped back to third
place when she fell off her bike. To cancel...
Example: They called off
the wedding. 5 Phrasal Verbs
you probably didn't know... 'Plod along' 'Mull over' 'Size up' 'Fawn over' 'Crow about' To move forward slowly and deliberately...
'He was just plodding along looking at the scenery.' To think about or consider something very carefully.
'After mulling over the decision for three days, she decided not to take the job.' To look at a person and make a quick evaluation.
'Shannon sized up her opponent before the match.' To give excessive attention, admiration or affection.
'I have two daughters but everyone fawns over the youngest.' To brag (talk arrogantly) about something.
'Brian wouldn't stop crowing about his salary.' To end/fail...
Example: The business started but
it just fell apart. Question 1 Will we get check in
when we arrive at the hotel? Which sentence below
uses the phrasal verb
'check in' correctly? You must check
in after leaving
your room by 3pm. We will check in
when we
get to the hotel. Question 2

What does the phrasal verb 'make up' mean? To invent or lie about something by not telling the truth. To forgive each other after a fall out.
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