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Cora Xiao

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Raeallan-PersonalBranding

Dove Masterbrand
Campaign for Real Beauty
Program Manager/Faculty
Founder & Entrepreneur
Sketch Comedy Performer
Kraft Canada:
Musical Theatre Company:
Artistic Director
Key Take-away:
A Diverse Career,
The Power of Connection
So what is
"Leadership is about making a difference and creating positive change. It's about getting things done, and getting rid of everything else that doesn't contribute. It's about encouraging, enabling, and empowering every volunteer. It's about
reinforcing core values, articulating a vision, and then setting people free.

Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard
~Carly Fiorina
But are leaders
You all were BORN to be
MADE into Leaders!
"Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it."
34th president of the United States 1953-1961 (1890-1969)
"That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind"
~Neil Armstrong
1st man to walk on the moon (1930-2012)
What if ?
How can we ?
Why Not?
You gotta want it!
"A brand is a living entity, and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time, the product of a thousand small gestures."
Michael Eisner
Former CEO of Disney
A Brand
1. A PROMISE to deliver an unmet need

2. A collection of your experience with a name, logo or symbol

3. What you remember
Key Take-away:
A brand is a PROMISE
1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

7. 8. 9.
Source: Millward Brown Optimor BrandZ Report 2012
Benefits of a Good Brand
1. Recognition
2. Trust
3. Loyalty
4. Market Share
5. Relationship
Increase $$
Key Take-away:
Relationship with a brand can be "profitable"
My Brand Experience: Dove
Key Take-away:
Dove insight led to incredible brand growth!
Corporate Brand:
Promise delivered to consumers
Promise delivered to EVERYONE you come in contact with
Key Take-away:
What do YOU promise to bring?
Personal Brand
1. Some of the best brands have personality
a. Richard Branson (Virgin)

b. Obama (U.S. Gov't)
2. We have multiple brands for multiple contacts
Customer, Employees, Suppliers, Family, Friends etc.
Key Take-away:
Personal brand is both personal & professional
Personal Brand
a. Listens to my stories

b. Supporter and best friend

c. Connection
1. Personal brand to my wife
Personal Brand
a. Picks me up

b. Reads stories

c. Connection
2. Personal brand to my son Nyal
Personal Brand
a. Picks me up

b. Makes googly faces

c. Connection
3. Personal brand to my daughter Ryah
Personal Brand
a. Rebellious

b. Loves my food (curry!)

c. Connection
4. Personal brand to my Mom
President, Raeallan
Twitter: @raehanbobby
Bobby Umar
"Caring + Communication = Connection"
Connect with me on Linkedin, Twitter and my FB page!
Check out my 4th TEDx talk "Learning to Fly" on YouTube
Engage with you Personal Brand
Bobby Umar
1. Intro to Leadership
2. Corporate Brand
3. Personal Brand
4. How to Develop it
5. How to Leverage it
Leaders Connect
Leaders know who they are
Leaders ask the right Questions
What is my
Personal Brand?

Branding Importance
1. In today's economy, you need an emotional connection

2. You and your colleagues or contacts are defining it

3. Early adopter vs. Late adapter?

4. If you don't create a consistent brand, the competition will

5. Creates a focused link for the organization, the team & YOU
Key Take-away:
Know your brand, then engage!

What is
the brand of
{insert your company here} ?

Key Take-away:
what does
{insert your company here}
promise to bring?
What is YOUR personal Brand as [insert name]?
Personal Brand
1. How do you figure out your Personal Brand?

2. I'll go through the steps

3. Key: take time to reflect and be completely honest

4. Feel free to ask anyone for feedback

5. Have fun with the process!
Key Take-away:
Invest in yourself.
The BEST investment ever!
Best. Investment. Ever.

Your investment Your worth

Personal Brand
Personal Brand:
First Step
Whatever you think it is...
Let's wipe the slate clean!
Personal Brand
"Know Thyself" --Aristotle
1. Personality

2. Values

3. Interests

4. Skills

5. Experiences
Self Assessment
"Know thyself."
Personality Tools
1. Myers-Briggs

2. True Colors

3. Strengths Finder

4. Birkman's First Look

5. Leadership Circle 360 Profile Assessment

6. Holland Interest Codes
Each has its own benefits, but all of them offer useful insights and guidance
What are your key
personality traits?
1. A set of beliefs or criteria that are important to us

2. Unique to each individual
-Life experiences
-Personal philosophy

3. Three main types related to your professional and personal growth
Key Take-away:
Your values are a Point of Difference (POD) and are constantly evolving
are most important to you?
1. Things that you enjoy doing or are curious about learning

2. Proper alignment = proper motivation

3. Interests change as you do

4. Gain insight into your strengths and your needs
Key Take-away:
Look at what you do and what you YEARN to do
Indirect Involvement
Direct Involvement
Interests Grid
YOUR Interests
Direct Involvement
Indirect Involvement
1. Aptitudes developed from patterns of interests, activities, and even success

2. Natural tendencies/skills
-Learned skills
-Special skills
-Always developing
Key Take-away:
What are your aptitudes,
which ones do you
What are your top

Do what you Love. Be or Get good at it!
1. Experience, Knowledge, and Achievement

2. Successes from application of skills

3. Acknowledgments, awards, key results

4. The "story" and feelings behind the experience
Focus on any achievements you are most proud of
What are your top 5
1. Now it's time to extract your brand

2. Common themes?

3. Threads within the stories?

4. Words, ideas, and images that stand out?
all relatable and exciting words from these
Key Take-away:
Your Personal Brand is what everyone gets or expects from you. It is
your promise to them.
Personal Branding
1. Top 3-5 Personal Brand elements

2. Personal Brand statement
-What you are the best at (value)
-Who you serve (audience)
-How you do it uniquely (USP)
Key Take-away:
Keep your statement
punchy, memorable, and real

Grow yourself
Leverage your brand
1. Start walking the walk

2. Start talking the talk

3. Build your online brand presence

4. Make it a daily part of your everyday life
Key Take-away:
Passion, Meaning and Difference
1. Networking Events
-Elevator pitch

-The Art of Questioning

-Talk about passions

-Determine their brands

Leverage Your Brand
Key Take-away:
Infuse Personal branding in what you talk about
2. Linkedin
-Build your profile

-Solidify the headline


Key Take-away:
Update both your
online and offline resume
Leverage Your Brand
3. Career Leadership
-Think of fit between Corporate and Personal brand

-Network aggressively within the office

-Leverage feedback

Leverage Your Brand
Key Take-away:
Do they know what YOU promise the company?
1. Get feedback to finalize your Personal Brand

2. Tell everyone by engaging both online and offline

3. Monitor your progress

4. Keep it real, authentic, clear, and be yourself
Key Take-away:
Don't Wait! The Personal Brand journey starts now!
Final Thoughts
1. Corporate Brand:
2. Personal Brand:
3. How to develop:
4. How to leverage with your Leadership
What organizations promise to deliver
What you promise to bring
Self-Assessment, Feedback, Online, Experiences, Personality, Values, Skill, Interests,
Themes, Threads, Words, Images, Ideas
a. Infuse it in everything you say and do online and IRL

b. Know yourself to show yourself

c. Make a difference for the people you serve
The best investment is in you!

100 hrs 450,000 hrs of joy

You gotta want it!
"Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one."
~Bill Gates
"What a computer to me is the most remarkable tool that we have ever come up with. It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds.
-Steve Jobs
What are the Top Global Brands?
Benefits of a Good Brand
1. Recognition
2. Trust
3. Loyalty
4. Market Share
5. Relationship
Increase $$
Key Take-away:
Personal Brand is unique to each & similar to all
Your Assessment
Assessment of others
Online/Computer Assessment
Review of all your experiences
= Your Personal Brand
Your Assessment
Assessment of others
Online/Computer Assessment
Review of all your experiences
Show yourself
Know yourself
No deposit ?
No return.
Bobby Umar is a dynamic connector who nurtures people to discover their purpose and authentic journey to achieve personal and professional leadership
Bobby Umar is a Beacon of Light who finds "Lost" Leader-SHIPS and brings them ashore to start an authentic Path of Passion and Purpose
A Lifetime of Branded Networking
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