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No description

Trinity Hostetler

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Baseball:)

horse penis =
seaworld San Antonio: .
Los Angeles
Tourist Attractions

Miami, Florida
New York
Tourist Attractions
Statue of Liberty
Brooklyn Bridge
Empire State Building
Central Park
Grand Central Terminal
Time Square
San Antonio,TX
9/11 Memorial
Everglades National Park
Little Havana
Miami Seaquarium
Miami Jungle Island
Miami Children's Museum
Spanish Speakers
Miami Science Museum
painus in the anus
paius in the anus

uma no penisu
2.27 million Spanish speakers.
Spanish speakers have their own television broadcasts.
13.61% of New Yorkers speak Spanish.
26.78% of New Yorkers have Hispanic heritage.
65.76% of Spanish Speakers in Miami.
73.02% are not Spanish speakers.
34.24% of people in Miami are not Spanish Speakers.
Lydia Perez was born in Brooklyn, New York.
Francesc "Cesc" Fabregas Soler born in New York, New York.
Opportunities for Baseball
Yankee Stadium.
YMCA youth baseball in New York City.
American baseball legion in Melrose.
Manhattan youth baseball lessons.
Private lessons anywhere in New York.
Baseball league in Albany.
Youth league in Brooklyn.
2.83% of Miami's population are Puerto Ricans.
34.14% of people in Miami are Cuban.
There are a majority of Spanish speakers.
Some people want Spanish to be the official language of Miami.
Blanca Soto is a famous Spanish speaker that acts on a Spanish soap opera.
Miami Hurricanes baseball program.
Marlins Park (major league).
Jim Morris baseball camps.
North Miami Beach little league.
Personal Coach.
South Miami youth baseball league.
Baseball tournaments.
opportunities for beisball
the crown jewel of Larry Czeszewski aka Coach C with over 30 years of success in the San Antonio area.
The official team is Missions of San Antonio
san antonio atraccions
River walk:
San Antonio museum art
San Antonio Zoo :
San Antonio speakers
population hispanic and latinos : 838,456
total percentage of hispanic and latinos: 63.2%
English speakers: 53%
Spanish speakers: 671,394 58.66%
Universal Studios Hollywood,
Los Angeles Zoo,
Venice Beach,
Griffith Observatory,
Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills includes multitudes of beautiful houses to look at, some including homes of celebrities.
China Town in Los Angeles includes a unique look at Chinese culture.

The observatory, like all others, allows a view into the sky and gives a multitude of scientific opporitunities.
The Zoo,
again like all
others, gives a
view into the nature of animals.
Hollywood is a famous
place for movie and
Universal studios is a specific
movie production site.
Venice Beach is a wonderful
place to go on vacation with.
46.53% Hispanic Population
-29.55% Mexican
-.36% Puerto Rican
-.34% Cuban
-16.28% Other
Opporitunities for Baseball:

Los Angeles Dodgers
LA Rockstars Basball Club
Allows aspiring baseball players to compete against the best in the business.
LA Thrashers Baseball Club
Allows students to stay at home and yet improve their skills at he same time.
Dodgers Stadium
population in San Antonio: 1,326,528
puerto rican: 7,774 0.68%
cuban: 1,491 0.13%
The Name of the stadium : Wolff Municipal Stadium
misions baseball academy
helicopter tour:
Alamo drafthouse
academy sports and outdoors
San Marco premium outles
mexicans: 473,420 41.36%
Other hispanic or latinos: 188,709 16.49%
opportunities for soccer
we are the premier youth recreation soccer organization in the northeast San Antonio area our league has almost 4,000 childrens registrated annually from bexar comal and guadalupe counties.
name for stadium: Toyota Field
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