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No description

Maria Rodriguez

on 8 November 2014

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Transcript of PYRRHUS & HAMLET

By: Michelle Reyes and Maria Rodriguez
Hamlet Pyrrhus
who is who?
Pyrrhus in a confrontation with Priam

Priam killed Achilles

Hecuba is Priam's wife

Pyrrhus killed Priam in the end
Father's death affected him

found out his uncle killed his father and now is his stepdad

the ghost of his father told him to avenge his death

mad at his mom for marrying his uncle
King Hamlet Achilles
King Claudius Priam
Queen Gertrude Hecuba
Hamlet and Pyrrhus are similar in that they are plotting an act of revenge for their fathers. However, they differ because Pyrrhus actually keeps his word and seeks revenge, but Hamlet never does anything even though he is angry. After his the ghost figure of his father appeared to Hamlet, Hamlet became mad at the discoveries uncovered by the ghost. Even though Hamlet was angry he did the same thing that Pyrrhus did and stood, and like a neutral to his will and matter, did nothing" (Aneas’s tale to Dido). Similarly, Hamlet has “done nothing to avenge his father’s death and now considers himself as a coward. Hamlet has developed evil thoughts against King Claudius, but is unable to feel any sort of evil towards King Claudius. A reason to believe that Hamlet has asked the players to recite the story of Pyrrhus is because he associated Hecuba to his mother, Queen Gertrude. After his mother made the decision to marry his father’s brother, King Claudius, Hamlet was angry because he couldn’t believe that his mother would forget all of the love and happiness she had when his father was alive. The story of Pyrrhus talks about Hecuba "Running back and forth, spraying the flames with her tears, a cloth on that head where a crown had recently sat and a blanket instead of a robe wrapped around her body" (Aneas’s tale to Dido). Similarly, by marrying King Claudius, Queen Gertrude has given up all of the luxury and love she had received from King Hamlet and has settled down to the low amount of love she receives from King Claudius.
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