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ToK Presentation

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ToK Presentation

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of ToK Presentation

Final Thoughts
Answer depends on the different areas of knowing
Important to consider:
Our values
Final questions
Can economics become a normative study when it is combined with ethics?
How should we approach the project?
ToK Presentation
Stella Park

Other environmental policies
Chinese government plans to curb air pollution
Should economic activities come before environmental concerns?
Real Life Situation
Proposal of "Meatless Mondays" by GIN
No meat on Mondays
Decrease carbon emission
Environmentally friendly school

Economic Thinking
Knowledge Issue
How can economics and ethics justify environmental initiatives?
Economic Problem
Market failure
Allocation of resources is not perfect
Existence of externalities
"Occurs when the production or consumption of a good has an effect upon a third party"
There is an extra cost to society by pollution and possibly respiratory diseases
"IB Diploma Programme Economics course Companion" by Jocelyn Blink and Ian Dorton
Negative externality of production
No impact in decreasing welfare loss
No effect in supply of meat
Possible unemployment cattle farmers
Opportunity cost of taking environmental initiatives
Will the project have an influence different from the model on Graded?
Can economics be a normative study?
Ethical problem
The harm that humans are doing to the environment by our economic activities
Do we have the right to damage the environment for our own pleasure?
Impacts on individuals
Ethical altruism
Should meat-lovers sacrifice their own interests for the greater interest of the environment and GIN project?
Ethical egoism
Are we being selfish if we consume an excess of meat, disregarding the environmental consequences?
Impacts on society
Finding the equilibrium point
Flow of the economy
Unemployment of cattle farmers
Excessive carbon emission
How can we determine the equilibrium point?
Do we have the right to change the preferences or occupations of others for the greater good of the community?
Would it be ethically egoistic to continue producing pollution if the economy is in recession?
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