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The Matrix

Heroes journey of The Matrix

Robert Collier

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of The Matrix

The Matrix Heroes Journey Heroes Journey
By: Robby Collier The Matrix Stage 1: The Ordinary World Neo's Ordinary World is at his computer desk, hacking and selling illegal software. Stage 2: Call To Adventure Neo's call to adventure is the physical telephone call he receives from Morpheus while in his office. Stage 3: Refusal of the Call Neo's refusal of the call is when he chooses to disobey Morpheus' instructions, and is taken into custody. Stage 4: Meeting With The Mentor Neo's meeting with the mentor is the conversation he has with Morpheus as they first meet in person. Stage 5: Crossing the First Threshold Neo's crossing of the first threshold is when he chooses to take the red pill that Morpheus offers him. Stage 6: Tests Allies and Enemies Neo's tests are his training programs against Morpheus. Neo's allies are the crew of the ship. Neo's enemies are the agents and anyone working for them. Approach to the Inmost Cave Neo's approach to the inmost cave is his fight scene in the lobby where Morpheus is being held. Stage 8: The Ordeal Neo's Ordeal is trying to save Morpheus from his captors. Stage 9: The Reward Neo's reward is finally rescuing Morpheus. Stage 10: The Road Back Neo's road back is escaping and fighting the agents to get out of the Matrix. Stage 11: The Resurrection Neo's resurrection is being revived by Trinity and using his knowledge to defeat the agents. Stage 12: Return With the Elixir Neo's elixir in this movie is Self-Knowledge. He realizes that he is the one and that he can now destroy the enemy.
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