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HMS Challenger

No description

Kit Bakker

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of HMS Challenger

HMS Challenger
Why Western Australia ?
When they landed, people on board, captain of the ship, date of arrival and cargo carried.

In 1829 the HMS Challenger landed on the west coast in the waters of Cockburn Sound.
The captain of the ship was Charles Howe Fremantle.
The HMS Challenger carried 269 marines when the ship left from Britain.
It carried 28 guns and other weapons because it was a war ship
What happened when the H.M.S Challenger landed on the west coast New Holland ?
As the H.M.S Challenger was the first ship to arrive in Western Australia the captain of that ship named the port of Fremantle after himself.
one person chose to spend lots of money on going to the swan river colony ....
the land was not so fertile, the climate was was as expected and within three years the pioneers had given up and returned to Britain.
some of the things that he or she saw different in Western Australia to Britain ...
the nature, animals, weather, jobs and clothes.
by Kit Bakker
Arrived in 1829
Departed in 1830
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